3 Great Ways to Add Interest to Your Landscape

Interest to Your Landscape

There are many different factors to be considered when planning a landscape. Introducing height adds a new dimension to the landscape, while adjusting the perspective can make a landscape appear narrow and long or wide and short. Here are three ways to add dimension to your outdoor spaces and make them unique!

1.     Use Arches

Trees and large shrubs can be used to add height and shape to a landscape. Other permanent features, including arches, can also be arranged to create points of interest. In a small landscape, one such arch can completely change the overall look. Building an arch for your outdoor space is a quick project that can be done in a day. When building an arch, make sure that it is tall enough for a person to walk under it without having to crouch. In addition, if the garden arch is to be walked through, make sure it’s wide enough to allow people to pass through side-by-side.

2.     Use Plant Supports

If you plan on using climbing plants to add height to your garden, train them on supports like tree trunks, bamboo-stake wigwams and obelisks. Whether these supports occur naturally or are added to a landscape, the height and shape can be used to create high points and enhance existing features.

It’s easy to create a stable structure to nurture the growth of your plants and add height to a garden. Create a bamboo-stake wigwam from four stakes. Drive the end of each stake into the soil, then bring the other ends together in a pyramidal shape and tie them together. The wigwam will support annual climbers or bring pillars of striking color to any garden. You could also build a simple garden obelisk from sturdy wooden trellis sections. An obelisk can look great by itself, and it can be left outside throughout the winter. Put it to good use by planting it up with climbers, creating an attractive and permanent display of natural beauty.

3.     Divide the Space

Remember your overall vision and what you want your garden to look like as you make decisions about your landscape design. It may be a good idea to alter the overall shape of the space and add more dimension to the area. Think about splitting your garden space into separate divisions. Partially divide your garden by installing trellis and planting it with climbing plants. This technique will make gardens that may seem too long appear to be shorter and wider. Another strategy is to split the garden into a set of separate spaces, each with a specific theme. Having separate areas in your garden will make it feel more like an experience than a simple outdoor space. It will also make the garden seem much larger than it really is. These projects require careful planning – it may be best to consult a professional landscape service to help with the job.

The right outdoor upgrades can truly make all the difference when it comes to adding personality to your landscape. By following these tips, you’ll add interesting features to your landscape that will set it apart from the rest!


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