3 Room Additions That Could Be Perfect for Your House

Room Additions

Many homeowners decide to have rooms built onto their houses. The additions give them more square footage, but that’s not all. These rooms also commonly serve purposes. In other words, people usually build them for reasons other than just because they can.

That’s why the following sections will focus on some ideas for room additions Jacksonville FL. Hopefully, one of the choices will prove to be suitable for your house, but if not, perhaps these options can help steer you in the right direction. So, please, read on to learn more.

Transform The Basement or Build A Man/Woman Cave

Basements are often viewed as moist, dark, and creepy locations, but a professional contractor can transform yours into the man or woman cave of your dreams. Afterward, it is highly doubtful that your friends or guests will see the spot as spooky and disturbing. Rather, they’ll probably want you to invite them over more often to drink, eat, and watch sports or play games. Then again, you don’t have to have an existing room like a basement, a carpenter can add on the man/woman cave you desire elsewhere.

A New Nursery

Families sometimes expand. The expansions are planned through pregnancies or adoptions, but the extensions also happen by accident from time to time. Regardless of why you have a baby coming home, the little one needs a nursery. If your family is getting bigger, perhaps a nursery that can later serve as a bedroom is the perfect addition to your house.

A Second Bathroom

Do you have teenage boys or girls under your roof? If you answered yes and only have a single bathroom, it’s probably pretty challenging to get in it on occasion. Once kids reach certain ages, they begin taking longer and longer showers. Plus, it is anybody’s guess as to what else is happening in there. However, if you struggle to get into the bathroom because of your current situation, a second bathroom addition could be what the doctor ordered. Then, you’ll have a better chance of finding one of the rooms accessible.


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