5 Essential Tips To Choosing The Ideal Exterior Window Style

Window Style

It is definitely more comforting for you when you sit inside your house while enjoying the fascinating view and the warm sunlight radiating through. However, while your windows may not be the best way to connect in a safe and secure manner with your home exterior, you may still want to replace the current ones to bring the outdoors closer to you. Here are some tips to help you decide on your right fit exterior window style:

  1. Go for windows that resonates with your home’s architectural design

Most homes appear unique because of their architectural design style, and as such, going for windows that align with the design aesthetic is the first step you need to consider when choosing your right fit windows. Moreover, whether your home is a modern or traditional one, you need to stick to your home’s architectural design for guidance.

  1. Make a decision on the purpose that your windows should serve

The primary purpose of windows is to let in light, but they can also act as a doorway. For instance, a sliding glass window door can allow you to access a porch. Alternatively, windows can also be fixed and ornamental to serve aesthetic purposes.

  1. Consider the color of window frames and mullions

Based on the color as well as they architectural design of your home, you may consider the option of frames and mullions that can add color to your home’s exterior design. Whether your frames are made of wood or frames, you need to look for bespoke windows that provide factory colors already filled into the frame material. In addition, if you decide to do a makeover on the exterior of your home such as painting your mullions and frame, consider inquiring from a reputable paint professional about the right exterior paint to use.

  1. Go for the best accent colors for your window frames

It might be a challenge to select an exterior paint color pattern. As such, in order to get a glimpse of existing colors that are present, you need to look to the outdoors as well as neighboring homes. Most homes prefer to go for a field color for their home as well as two accent colors, where one is for decorating their home and the other one is used for window frames, doorways as well as the garage door. In order to save your time in choosing the right color, you can consider consulting your local paint provider for pre-chosen color palettes.

  1. Select the right window depending on the amount of ventilation you need

The main purposes that a widow serves include letting ventilation and fresh air in out of your house. As such, the deciding on the type of window that is suitable for your needs is key to determining the type of window you are likely to choose. Most rooms are fitted with operable windows in that they can be opened or closed if needed. However, homes may also have large expansive windows that cannot be opened. In such a case, consider using a combination of operable windows and fixed one.


The decision on the right fit bespoke windows for your exterior window design can be a challenge, especially if you are not sure what to do. The above tips; however, can help you to make an informed decision on your desired exterior window style.


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