5 Lesser Known Plumbing Services for the Home

Plumbing Services for the Home

There are many reasons to call a plumber to your home (or office) that go beyond unclogging sinks or plunging toilets. Here are five lesser known services that plumbing companies Geneva IL can perform to help your home stay in tip top shape.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices are installed in the home typically on sprinkler systems. These devices prevent dirt, debris, and harmful waste from backing up into your home’s potable water lines, keeping your drinking water healthy.

Water Filtration System Installation

Some areas treat drinking water with non-harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, to keep the water cleaner; however, it often leaves a bad taste in your mouth (literally.) Many plumbing companies offer water filtration systems that will help purify your water and improve its taste and quality.

Natural Gas Piping

Many people are often surprised to learn that licensed plumbers also work with natural gas. If your home uses gas for heating and cooking, then leaks are possible and need to be fixed quickly. Plumbers can even remodel or reinstall new gas lines.

Remodeling Projects

Plumbers are important technicians to call when you are planning to remodel your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. Anything that may require the moving or adjusting of water pipes can prove tricky for the average person. Let a professional to do it for you, and you will save your home a potential flood in the event you break a pipe.

Leak Location Services

If you have ever noticed your water bill slowly going higher and higher, and you swear your usage hasn’t changed, then you may have a leak somewhere in your home. A plumber will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars by locating that leak with their specialized equipment before the pipe bursts open in your wall, under your floor, or in the yard.

Plumbers have an important job when it comes to keeping your home clean and operational. Book an inspection with a licensed technician today.


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