5 Types of Services Offered by a Professional Lawn Care Company

Professional Lawn Care

Did you know spending time outdoors can benefit your mental health? Refresh your backyard so you enjoy it. If you need assistance with your landscape and hope to hire a lawn care company, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what professional lawn care services can do for your home. You’ll learn about essential tasks involved with lawn care.

Soon, you’ll get to enjoy a stunning oasis with the help of these professionals.

Ready to learn more? Stick around and keep reading.

What Changes Do You Seek?

First, determine the kind of lawn care services you want. Where do you need the most help, and what areas will you cover?

Lawn care can involve your entire landscape or a small part of your lawn. Determine what you need from the lawn care company. Are you busy with work and need to turn to professionals?

You might only need help with mowing or treating your lawn for bugs. Homeowners hire professional lawn care services to help with reseeding, trimming hedges, or cleaning the landscape.

1. Do You Need Help With Weed Control?

Some homeowners seek a lawn maintenance provider to keep their lawn in the best shape. The professional will use a slow-release fertilizer to help keep weeds away.

If you need help with weeds, consider calling in a professional like Holmes Lawn & Pest.

2. Flower or Tree Services

Is your lawn mostly grass, or do you have a few trees and flowerbeds spread throughout the landscape? You want to make sure everything’s living healthily and isn’t struggling from pests.

A landscaping provider will suggest what flowers to plant for the different seasons. They might also trim some trees or clean up the flowerbeds.

3. Do You Need an Irrigation System?

You might not have a proper watering system for your lawn. Call in a lawn care company. They will help you determine the perfect sprinkler system.

This way, you won’t spend tons on your water bill but keep your lawn in top shape.

4. What About Pest Control?

Have you noticed a few snails or slugs on your lawn? This is natural, and you should expect some pests on your plants or grass.

Some homeowners deal with infestations and damaged property due to pests. Call in a professional to handle this issue right away.

5. You Need to Mulch

Mulching will help maintain your flower beds and shrubs. Sometimes, homeowners will use too much mulch, which causes fungus growth.

Work with a professional lawn care company to help you pick the right mulch and avoid using too much.

Consider Professional Lawn Care Services

We hope this guide on professional lawn care services was helpful. As a homeowner, consider your goal before you call in a professional.

Determine what you can complete alone and what you need help with from the professionals.

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