7 Finishing Touches to Your Newly Renovated Living Room

Newly Renovated Living Room

Each room in your home is relevant, and each one can evoke a different vibe. However, your living room is usually the place to receive visitors, so it must give a good impression of your taste and style.

When considering your living room’s design, it can help to picture a particular style and related themes.

No matter what style you choose, both you and your visitors should feel comfortable in your living room. This means having a clean environment, some means of maintaining temperature and a good airflow with the use of an Air Conditioning Industries air conditioning installation.

There are infinite combinations of colours, furniture, textures, and floors that will allow you to create a beautiful and relaxing space.

Because you are reading this article, you have probably already renovated your living room. However, you may feel that something is missing.

The good news is, achieving your dream look can be easier than you think. With only a few elements, you can change a room’s entire vibe.

Accessories can help you make your living room much more elegant. The right elements will add the finishing touch to this room’s design and reflect your personality.

Keep reading to find out seven of our favourite accessories to make your living room the ultimate style expression.

Wall Stickers

A colourful and striking mural will create a tremendous visual impact in a room. Forget about uncoloured walls and give your living room a personalized touch.

This option is excellent as it allows you to modify your room walls without spending a lot of money or having to waste a day covering furniture and painting. You can even get reusable options to change them if you are not happy with the design.


These elements are widely used in large spaces. Many people tend to avoid their use because they think they are outdated.

However, many more modern models help give a touch of colour, life, and nature to your living room.

An excellent idea is to avoid keeping planters on the floor but hanging them from the ceiling or placing them on furniture instead.

Eye-Catching Cushions

Adding a touch of colour to your living room will give it a much more modern and cheerful style. Soft coloured cushions are perfect for those looking for comfort, style, and colour.

Fabric details add a luxurious and warm touch, while printed patterns can be the finishing touch to integrate art and sophistication into your living room.


In addition to their functionality, lamps are excellent decorative elements. There is an infinity of models to choose from, giving you the possibility of combining them with any decorations.


Berber rugs have become extremely popular in recent years. These rugs of Moroccan origin can last many years thanks to their quality materials and craftsmanship. Berber rugs can add warmth and comfort to any living room.


Although it may seem too simple, mirrors have adorned the living rooms of many houses and even palaces for several centuries.

Not only are they functional, but they also allow us to catch a glimpse of our reflection. They are also excellent decorative elements that can give a feeling of depth to any space.

If placed properly, a mirror can make your living room seem much larger than it is, helping you and your guests feel more comfortable.


Nothing is worse than a beautiful wall in your living room overshadowed by an old-fashioned switch or plug socket.

Do not make this mistake. These days, there is an immense variety of switch designs that can be adapted to the rest of your decoration.

Adding a few finishing touches to your living room can mean the difference between feeling comfortable about your style and achieving the look of your dreams.

With these ideas, your living room will be your favourite space. Anyone who enters your home will be amazed at how comfortable they feel and the harmony between each of the decorative elements.


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