Elevate Your Porch with Five Best Accessories


We are not going to recommend that you hang a swing on your front porch. The trick to making your porch stand out is a pop of colour and small accessories that offer an appealing look.  You can always create a theme with a cosy chair and vibrant throw pillows, but if you are looking for something extra, then you are in the right place.

Have you ever noticed that most front porches follow a theme? Sometimes it’s rustic with country-style decor or luxurious with plush seating and a coffee table. It can get a bit difficult and expensive to go with such decor, which is why we thought why not go with something on a smaller scale.

Here’s how you can elevate your porch with five best accessories:

Accessory #1

Dream Catchers

Your front porch is the place where you come to relax and daydream after a hectic workday. All you want to do is sit comfortably in a chair, enjoy your cup of tea and think about nothing. The dream catchers we know of come from Native American culture. They take away bad dreams and that is it. However, when you look at one, you simply get a peaceful feeling. Plus, they make for great decor.

The good thing about dream catchers is that not only can you buy them online at a very low price, but you can also make them at home. A couple of ribbons, a doily and a wire ring will do the trick. You can make several, and cover one side of the porch with them. Just hang them haphazardly and to make them standout, wrap some fairy lights around the circles.

Accessory #2

A Trough Garden

There are probably plenty of potted plants standing near the front door entrance. If you have a garden in your front yard, then you don’t need any more pots near the railing. However, a trough would be a welcoming and different addition.

This farmer’s market style accessory will look great on your front porch. Skip the flowers and go with herbs such as mint, lavender, basil, lemon balm, etc. These herbs have a refreshing smell that will calm your senses. You can even hang the troughs on the wall to create a backdrop. If you are planning to add some room to your front porch for this accessory, then click here for landscaping and building services.

Accessory #3

Rolling Cart Bar

Need a drink? Why go inside the house when you can fix yourself one right on the porch? You can either buy one from Amazon or create your own rolling cart bar easily by making some additions to an old cart. Get some wicker baskets that cover the length of the bottom shelf and use them like drawers. Place all the essentials in it, like an icebox, shaker, glasses, napkins, etc. Decorate the top with a few flower vases and then place all your favourite liquor bottles.

Accessory #4

Wind Chimes

The only word to describe a wind chime is “magical”. The light, tinkling sound with the ringing bells can be very soothing if you choose the right wind chime. Don’t go with an abstract design, but buy the ones with a motif on them. Here, you can create a theme easily and choose colours that complement your porch furniture.

Accessory #5

Bird Feeders

Birdhouses can be a little expensive, and it’s better to stick to something simple such as an open hanging bird feeder. These colourful plastic plates resemble an open house and can be hanged from the ceiling with jute ropes. They will look lovely hanging from the edge of the porch ceiling. So, there you have it — simple yet charming and beautiful accessories that you can add to your front porch.


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