Extending Wooden Fence Posts: A Guide to Doing It Right

Wooden Fence Posts

Knowing how to extend a wooden fence post can be an invaluable skill for those looking to improve the security of their outdoor space. This guide will explain how to extend a wooden fence post quickly and effectively.

Materials Needed 

Here is a guide on how to extend a wooden fence post, with an overview of the supplies and tools you will need to get the job done right.

Pressure-treated Lumber 

Preservative-treated lumber, treated with chemicals, protects against rot and termites.

Galvanized Nails/Screws 

Galvanization protects the nails and screws against corrosion. 2 inches long screws at least are the best, so they go deep enough into the wood to provide extra support.


To ensure the wood fits the fence post, you will need a saw to cut the wood to the desired size.

Tape Measure 

Measuring the post length and angles accurately is necessary to ensure the post is securely fixed and level.

Hammer or Drill 

A hammer or drill will be needed to fix the planks to the post, depending on whether you use nails or screws.


Using a level is important to make sure the post is secured at the correct angle and is level.

Protective Clothing and Safety Equipment

 Wear old clothes, safety glasses, gloves and a dust mask.

Sledge Hammer

 A sledgehammer is required to place the posts into the ground.

Post Hole Digger 

A post-hole digger is another important tool to dig a hole of the appropriate size and depth and ensure its bottom is level.

Gravel and Sand 

 The base of the hole should be filled with gravel, and the post should be held in place by the sand.

Steps to Extending a Wooden Fence

 This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of how to extend a wooden fence post properly. Following these steps will increase the lifespan of your fence and save you time in the long run.

Preparing the Fence Post 

Before beginning any work on the fence post, you must take the time to measure the post in question accurately. Ensure the post is level, square, and firmly seated on the ground before proceeding. This is a process that may require the removal of dirt and concrete from around the post. Once the post is adequately prepared, you are ready to proceed with the extension process.

Extending the Post 

The next step is to cut a piece of wood to the desired length for the extension. Ensure the wood is the same quality and size as your current fence post. Cut the wood to the desired size and attach it to the existing post using screws and a drill. Make sure the two pieces are firmly connected before going any further.

Final Touches 

Lastly, secure the post in place with the hammered screws. Check the post with a level and carpenter’s square to ensure it is level and sits firmly on the ground. Once all the steps of how to extend a wooden fence post are completed, the fence post will be successfully extended, and you can now continue with the rest of your fence installation.


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