How to Build a Fire in a Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood Burning Fireplace

A modern wood fireplace is made with modern design and technology, which wasn’t the case with traditional ones. There are many wood heaters for sale nowadays, with plenty ofmodern wood heaters that aren’t just nice to look at, but are also perfect heat sources. Wood burning fireplaces provide exceptional heating, are better for the environment, are economical, will continue working during power outages, and will also complement your décor. Most people who look for wood fireplaces in Melbourneprefer to choose a modern wood fireplace. However, if you’re new to them, you might not know how to build a fire. This article will walk you through how to build a fire in a wood burning fireplace. 

Gather Newspaper

First of all, you’ll need to gather lots of old newspapers that can be used to help flames take hold. If you don’t have enough, try asking your neighbour, or raid recycling bins to get a good stockpile before winter comes. Once you’ve collected enough, scrunch-up a thick layer of newspapers across the bottom of your word burning fireplace.

Place Kindling Inside the Fireplace

Make a couple of rows of kindling on top of the thick layer of newspapers. Broken limbs and branches are a great choice, or else you can use trimmings from gardening work. You can also take some firewood and chip off small chunks using a small axe. The kindling needs to be dry in order for a fire to take hold. You can make a row with up to six pieces of kindling that point front to back on top of the crinkled papers. Next, make another layer of kindling pointing side by side. With this log cabin approach, the kindling will be more likely to ignite once the newspaper is alight.

After this, put some smaller pieces of firewood on top of the kindling layers. For the best results, use split logs rather than round logs, as they catch fire much easier. Round logs can be inserted once the fire lights. 

Light the Fire

Your modern wood fireplace should be set to allow a sufficient amount of air inside. Once this is done, light the newspaperwith a match and don’t close the door quickly, as you need plenty of oxygen for combustion to take place. Leave the fireplace door for at least 3 minute before closing it. Make sure you don’t leave the fireplace unattended during this time,asthe kindling can cause sparks that could start a fire.

Once the fire starts to burn well, close the fireplace door and let it burn until you’re sure that the fire is well established and the temperature of the chimney is getting hotter. Let the temperature reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit before you throttle back the air intake. Once this temperature has been reached, you should be able to enjoy your wood burning fireplace for a few hours before more wood needs to be placed inside. Remember, you can insert round logs into the fireplace once it’s already going.


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