How To Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Feel Like a Home

If you’ve just moved into a new house or apartment, it can be difficult to know how to style it to finally make it feel like your home. Many styles and decor choices that have been popularized within the past few years have left out one very important styling detail, which is the curating of a style personality from the homeowner themselves. While it’s definitely possible to recreate a room piece by piece from an article or photo that you’ve seen online, it’s much more rewarding to create your own style using pieces you love and hold sentimental value to you in order for you to create a house that feels uniquely yours. If you want tips on how to turn any old house or apartment into a home that feels like yours, this article is for you.

Add a Scent You Love

One of the unique experiences of any home is the way that it smells. Although some houses come with their own smell, creating one that you love is a great way to feel comfortable in your own space. The first thing you should always do to stop unpleasant odors is clean your entire house. Mop the floors, deep clean the fabrics on your couches, and shampoo your carpets for the most effective cleaning solution for unpleasant smells. Using a wax warmer is a great next move, but there are tons of different options for adding a pleasant scent to your space. If you like a heavier and more robust smell, another great option is to add incense or high-quality candles. Not only can this scent play with the idea of adding multiple dimensions to the style and expression of style in your home, but it’s a great way to mask unpleasant smells.

Style With Utility in Mind

The best way to style your home is how it best suits you and your interests. While you can definitely still implement certain styling techniques that are relevant to specific genres of design, it’s a good idea to stick to your design elements and make them your own. Doing it this way will ensure that the style you pick will look great in your home, especially if the style elements are based on structural differences that make it work well within a space. Keep in mind your limitations but play around with different fabrics and the utilization of a specific space. If you love relaxing on the couch, pick a comfortable couch with tons of pillows and blankets in styles you love so you can cuddle up in a curated space.

Drop Big Box Store Decor

The best way to up your style game in the home is to completely drop any decor pieces that you find in big box stores. Not only are the paintings usually uninspiring derivatives seen in homes all across the country, but they usually lack that spark that really makes home decor design come together with a unique touch. Instead, opt for decorating your home with found items for thrift stores, vintage shops, or even in local art markets or when you travel.


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