Pros and Cons of Turfgrass


Many people prefer to use artificial grass to add beauty to their homes and offices. The turfgrass comes in different types and is mostly used in backyards. If you prefer to have grass that will not be affected by adverse weather conditions, it is advisable to buy turfgrass for your yards. However, you need to be aware of how the grass will benefit or harm you. Turfgrass has various disadvantages and advantages.


 Reducing environmental impact

The main benefit offered by turfgrass is that it reduces the environmental impact such as that caused by gas-powered lawnmowers. The lawnmowers cause a lot of environmental pollution, and therefore, turfgrass is ecofriendly. The grass will also not require fertilizers to grow. Such fertilizers are known to cause soil pollution.

Reduces maintenance costs

Artificial grass is easy to maintain because you will not be required to water it or add fertilizers. You will also not incur mowing costs. Once you have installed the grass in your home or office, you will only need to clean it occasionally. This will save you a lot of costs that could be incurred in maintaining real grass.

 Increase in durability

Turfgrass can withstand tough weather conditions, and this increases its durability. If you plant real grass, you will have to water it occasionally to prevent the grass from drying, especially during the summer. If the grass gets infested by pests, you might have to plant a new one, especially if the pests have caused huge damage. Such is never the case with turf grass, and this makes it more durable than real grass.


Initial installation cost is high

The main disadvantage of turfgrass is that the initial installation cost is high. The case is worse if you plan to install it in a large area such as the yard. The grass costs approximately $10 to $20 per square foot. The installation process is also costly because it involves removing the current grass, preparing the ground, and installing an irrigation system to control temperatures.

 Can cause health problems

Another disadvantage of grass is that it can cause health problems because it contains carcinogens. The recycled rubber used to make the grass is said to contain such carcinogens. Carcinogens are elements known to cause cancer. Therefore, it is important to contact a trusted manufacturer before deciding to install turfgrass in your home. The effects are worse if you use the wrong grass inside your home or office.

Artificial turf Austin-based companies point out that an individual should consider the pros and cons of turfgrass before they buy it. You do not want to buy grass that will cause more problems than benefits. You also have to consider where the grass will be placed. For instance, it could be in your office, house, or yards. If you decide to install artificial grass, you need to ensure that you have enough funds to facilitate the whole process. You do not want to hire cheap services that might not do a perfect job.


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