Ready to Make a Design Upgrade to Your Hotel Property?

Hotel Property

If you want to upgrade the design of your hotel property in Bangkok, you need to work with an interior design firm that specifically works in this field. Doing so will help you remain competitive and assist you in impressing your guests. You can also make small changes along with the renovations.

Get Rid of Synthetic Looks for More Natural Bedding

For example, hotels often use patterned fabrics or linens that come across as synthetic. Don’t make this mistake yourself. Update linens by swapping patterned blankets or covers with solid-colored bedding. To play it safe, choose neutral hues or add white duvets. White works well, as it brightens rooms and gives them a feeling of spaciousness.

According to one survey, the quality of the linens leaves a definite impression on hotel guests. Therefore, make sure that the materials used in hotel rooms are made of textiles that contain natural fibers, such as down feathers or cotton – not synthetics. While you may have to spend extra money, you will also increase your profits and overall guest satisfaction.

Changing the Colors of the Walls – How to Make Them Stand Out

When you speak to a specialist that manages interior design in Bangkok, you will need to discuss the colorization of your walls. Today it is passé in Bangkok hotels to use dated wallpaper or contrasting accent walls. You can give the walls a facelift by colorizing them with neutral and natural colors and pale pastel accents.

When decorating a hotel room or hotel property, you need to keep the following in mind – guests appreciate a relaxing and warm feel after a long journey. They also like contemporary hotel interiors in Bangkok – enough to replicate the look in their own living spaces. In fact, popular interior design brands provide hotel-quality paints, many of which can be found at community Bangkok hardware stores.

Replacing the Old Pictures with Unique Works of Art

When upgrading a hotel property, you need to get rid of pictures that look like they have hung in the halls and rooms since 1989. Younger hotel guests like unique art pictures – local art or vintage images that tell a historic story about the hotel property. You may want to have a professional photographer take high-definition images of local attractions and then have them printed for hanging in frames.

One of the ways you can renovate a hotel room for increased guest appeal is to add contemporary and modern seating. Most hotels follow a traditional and classic concept when furnishing a room – one that is symmetrical and balanced. Rooms are usually furnished with one or two beds, a chair, a desk, two nightstands, and a closet. The blurred use of a hotel room for business and pleasure means that a hotel visitor may be working while trying to relax in Bangkok. Therefore, it is helpful to add a chair that is comfortable, contemporary, and practical.

When choosing a chair, mix textures and use natural fibers. Make sure the seating is as attractive as it is functional. You can mix and match colors, provided they fit soft color and neutral-hued color schemes.


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