Residential Door Locks | How To Choose the Best One

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Tips for Choosing the Best Door Locks for Your Home

One of your top priorities should be keeping you and your family safe. A way of doing this is by looking for the best door locks to secure your home. Read on to learn what you need to consider in choosing the most suitable residential door locks to install for your property.

Choose a Door Lock Type

A door lock’s three main functional categories include the passage, privacy, and entry. Consider which door in your home you’ll be installing the lock. For front doors, garage doors, and back doors, you would need high-security locks. You can opt to buy locks with a lower security level for interior doors in hallways and living rooms.

By deciding what you are looking for in a door lock, you can determine what kind of lock you need. Here are common types of door locks used for residential properties:

1. Deadbolts

This type of door lock is widely used by homeowners. Deadbolts are one of the most secure types of locks. They are commonly installed on front doors and other rooms that need safekeeping.

There are three kinds of deadbolts: single cylinder, double cylinder, and lockable thumbturn. The single-cylinder deadbolt is installed in most American homes, with a locking mechanism that needs a key on only one side. The double cylinder uses a key for the inside and outside of the door, making it more secure than the single cylinder. However, this can be an issue when you’re trying to escape from a fire or other types of emergency.

Lastly, the lockable thumb turn is a combination of the prior two. This type of deadbolt functions like a single cylinder, which uses a key on the inside of the door.

2. Doorknob Locks

Doorknob locks are the most popular and commonly used locks in homes. They are simple and straightforward, frequently installed for interior areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. Since they are easy to open, entering and exiting between rooms is convenient. Though doorknob locks offer some level of security, trespassers can effortlessly destroy them with a hammer or other tool. This makes them unsuitable for exterior doors.

3. Cylindrical Lever Locks

The cylindrical lever lock is more prevalently utilized in commercial spaces than residential ones. It is also similar to a doorknob lock in terms of functionality. The cylindrical shape of lever handles makes this lock easier to grasp and turn than doorknobs. Lever lock types can also be easily compromised when there are break-ins.

4. Mortise Locks

This door lock type is expensive because it is incredibly durable. Mortise locks are predominantly found in commercial buildings but can also be seen in some apartments and old traditional homes. This type of lock is similar in appearance to cylindrical lever handles.

Smart Locks

Modern homes, apartment complexes, and condo units use smart locks. Their most appealing feature is convenience. Since they are electronic, you can connect the device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Doors with this lock can be locked and unlocked by fingerprint, keycard, voice command, or using a smartphone.

Understand the Lock Grading Scale

The American National Standards Institute developed a lock rating system. It ranges from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Grade 1 has the highest level of security, and locks in this category are mostly found in commercial and industrial properties. Some Grade 1 locks can also be for residential use. Doorknobs and locks with Grade 2 ratings offer great protection for homes and light ones for commercial buildings. Lastly, Grade 3 locks only provide basic residential security.

Consider the Cost 

Residential door locks are worthy and necessary investments when it comes to your home security. Since cost is a major factor in choosing a door lock, it is crucial to know how much you can spend when buying them. You can find locks that have excellent safety features and are also within a reasonable price range.

Pay Attention to the Aesthetics

Though the door lock’s efficiency and functionality are essential factors, don’t disregard its design and how it would look when installed on your door. Consider the design of the door and which space it is located. Since there are many different types and styles of door locks, you’ll have many options to choose from.

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your and your family’s safety and security. When installing, replacing, or upgrading residential door locks for your home, consider these tips in selecting the best one you can buy. If you can, ask for advice from reputable locksmiths in your area.


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