The Cost To Remodel Bathroom: What You Need To Know

Remodel Bathroom

The average cost to remodel a bathroom clocks in at about $10,000. However, the numbers on either end of the spectrum are skewing that average pretty hard.

On the low end, you’re looking at about $2,000 and on the high end, you’re looking at upwards of $30,000. What gives?

The truth is that there are tons of different ways to approach any home remodel, and while major upgrades cost big bucks, they also add more value to your home.

So, what do you need to know about the cost to remodel a bathroom in order to work with your budget? Read on to find out.

Upgrades That Don’t Break the Bank

If you were hoping to land in the $2,000 range, know that it is possible. The changes won’t be as drastic, you may need to practice your DIY skills, and you won’t end up with luxury materials, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

To redo your bathroom on a tight budget, think about cosmetic changes. Consider repainting the walls, regrouting the tile, and potentially replacing some of the tiles, altogether.

What if you want new bathroom furniture like a new vanity? Stick with low-cost but durable materials like laminate, engineered wood, or engineered stone.

Keep in mind that you need to replace any of the actual appliances, like the tub or toilet, this is going to eat up most of a tight budget.

Upgrades That Will Require a Hefty Budget

What kinds of changes can you make with a bigger budget? If you want to stay in the $10,000 range, you’re going to want to choose between professional installation and luxury materials like quartz. If you ask us, we say go with the professional installation, even if it means downgrading your upgrades a notch.

What’s going to cost the most when you remodel a bathroom? There are a few different answers.

Luxury materials and appliances are going to come with a luxury price tag. If you want that huge tub with tons of extra features, prepare to pay. If you want to replace everything with marble, including your floors and walls, expect to expand your budget.

Another thing that will typically cost more is a custom bathroom remodel. However, you can hire professionals to come up with and execute a custom design at a reasonable price. Learn more here.

Finally, if you need to redo any of your plumbing–especially if you want to expand or move your plumbing–it’s not going to come cheap.

What Will It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom? It Depends on the Scale

Trying to nail down the cost to remodel a bathroom isn’t always easy. However, there are ways to tackle your bathroom remodel at just about any budget. Be honest with yourself (and your contractors) about how much you can pay and go from there.

Looking for inspiration to get started on your home remodel? Take a look around as we share some of our best design secrets and more.


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