Top Tips from HVAC Companies for Better Heating

HVAC Companies

Efficient heating saves money and keeps your HVAC unit working at peak performance for many years. If you struggled last winter to keep your energy costs in check, it’s time to take a closer look at your heating. Check out these tips from local HVAC companies in Pittsburgh, PA, for getting more out of your heating unit.

Inspect and Clean Air Vents

Air vents must be obstruction free otherwise the furnace can’t deliver heat efficiently to all the rooms in your house. When vents are blocked, the furnace has to work harder and this means it uses more energy. You can control this problem by checking your air vents and removing anything that blocks the airflow. Take off the vent covers and use your vacuum’s hand-held wand to remove dirt and debris from the vent.

Lower the Thermostat

What temperature is your thermostat set at during the winter? The optimal temperature for daytime heating, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, your furnace works most efficiently and you keep your energy costs lower. To lower your costs, even more, consider installing a programmable thermostat and setting it 7-10 degrees cooler at night while you sleep.

Tune-up Your Equipment

You want to make sure your furnace is always working safely. One of the best ways to do this is to schedule regular tune-ups. This is a very service that many homeowners don’t think about doing. They don’t call for HVAC service in Pittsburgh, PA, until the unit has broken down and needs emergency service. If you make the call to schedule a tune-up, chances are you won’t need emergency service any time soon.

Upgrade Your Heating Unit

Is your furnace older? Have you had to call for service several times over the past few years? As furnaces get older, they lose their efficiency. When furnaces get closer to the end of their lifespan their efficiency level drops from 98.5% to as little as 56-70%. Upgrading to new equipment before your furnace completely fails gives you time to find a replacement without feeling rushed to make a decision.

Winter temperatures in Pittsburgh get cold fast. Why take risks with your furnace? Do what you can now to ensure your family’s comfort when temperatures take a nosedive. Take the advice from HVAC companies in Pittsburgh PA, and get your furnace ready to get you through the winter.



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