3 Best Renovation Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bathroom

Relaxing Bathroom

Wondering how you can fit some “me-time” into your hectic schedule? Give your bathroom a full renovation to create a convenient, functional and luxurious space to relax at home. Follow these three tips to turn your bathroom into a private retreat.

1. Develop a Layout

A spa-like bathroom requires a great layout – after all, you can’t relax in a room where you’re feeling cramped or walled-in. Consult the professionals in home remodeling Lafayette LA to develop a layout that’s perfect for your needs. Even if you’re working with a minimal amount of space, a carefully considered design makes all the difference in turning an ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary.

2. Add Quality Lighting

In addition to layout, lighting plays an important role in ensuring that your bathroom is bright and airy. You can create a soothing atmosphere by incorporating strategic lighting into the design of the space. Mount LED strip lights below a raised tub or even in a soffit above your vanity. Wire these strip lights to a dimmer switch to provide you with ambient lighting for a dramatic touch.

3. Use Natural Materials

Any interior space is enhanced by including elements of nature. In a bathroom, there are a surprising number of ways to bring the outdoors in, whether you choose to install natural stone counters, a natural wood vanity cabinet or any other feature that adds a nature-themed appeal. It’s also a great idea to use houseplants in this room but be sure to select varieties that are able to grow in a warm, humid space such as a bathroom. Chinese evergreen, aloe vera and pothos thrive in this environment and lend extra color and texture to the overall design.

For a busy person, a spa-like bathroom is the answer to relieving stress in a convenient way. Complete the steps above during your bathroom renovations northern beaches and enjoy an improved lifestyle.


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