Properties of great concrete floor paint

concrete floor paint

The use of the floor or where it’s located will determine the concrete paint that you select. For instance, if the floor experiences a high traffic of forklift traffic or light footfall, you’ll need some paint shade that can stand the heavyweight. Some light colors may fade in a matter of days, and the cost of repainting may not be bearable. You need to look for some paint that is durable, hard-wearing, and aesthetically appealing.

As you choose your floor paint, consider the following.

How suitable is it for your space?

Every floor w needs unique concrete floor paint and a unique approach to applying the paint. If you’re buying some water-borne concrete paint, the cost is slightly low; however, it’s only okay for moderate foot traffic. That can be applied in a simple way using a roller, and if used well, it can see longevity. For instance, Epoxy concrete floor paint is in different formulations and is available in water-solvent form and solvent-borne. That is safe for small offices, garages, and homes, and such. Epoxy range seals the concrete floor and therefore adds longevity to the floor and gives an attractive finish.

Reasonable price

There’s always a feeling in the marketplace that expensive is durable. However, that’s just a myth. You don’t have to buy a ‘hyper-expensive’ paint so that you know it’s going to last. I surprise you; most of the expensive paints are less durable.

The paint price helps you in your budgeting so you can determine what you’re able to afford. As you think of the next concrete floor paint you need, it’s essential to consider the area. If your space is small, get some high-quality paint that won’t strain your budget. On the other hand, if you’ve some ample space to cover, you may have to consider a less costly paint- that would mean the quantity will be much and if the paint is too expensive, you may end up blowing your budget.

Don’t compromise on appearance.

Paint finish is always of significant importance. The paint’s quality and the way it is done add to the floor’s aesthetics and the whole place. That is why when choosing the type of Concrete Paint and color; you’ve to get one with the right shade and texture that’s appealing and one that’s durable. Durability is essential – if the paint wears out quickly, it means the place will son look ugly with some spaces that don’t have paint. Look for a gloss finish or anything matt will give you an excellent outlook.

Anti-slip properties

You don’t want to bring accidents to the floor users, and therefore, it’s always prudent to buy paint with anti-sip properties. To ensure if the floor gets wet, there are no slips that may lead to severe accidents.

When choosing concrete floor paint, you should make sure you get the best quality, anti-slip, and affordable. The flooring expert should guide you on the right choice.


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