3 Tips for a Nature-Inspired Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

There’s a growing trend in interior design that is focused on bringing nature into the home. From building with natural and sustainable materials to incorporating skylights and glass walls, today’s houses are becoming increasingly connected to the great outdoors. The movement extends to all areas of the home, with some of the most interesting innovations occurring in the restroom. Here are three exciting ways to bring the outdoors into your bathroom.

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Work with Wood

There’s no better natural material for a bathroom than wood. Stonework is another attractive natural décor, but it tends to be too cold and rough for a restroom. If incorporating texture and warmth are factors in your next bathroom remodeling Leavenworth or elsewhere in the country, wood is the way to go. Adding a medium-toned wood vanity with rough-hewn edges is a great way to make a bathroom stand out, while employing wood accents or installing maple or black oak cabinets and floors will help create a comfortable and inviting resort-style atmosphere.

Go Green

Adding live plants to a bathroom not only makes it a green room, but also a clean room. Plants are a natural way to improve indoor air quality, and what room needs that more than the bathroom? Of course, plants also help to accentuate and beautify a room, while adding positive energy and a splash of color. Ferns and peace lilies are ideal bathroom plants as both thrive in low light and humidity.

Let in the Sun

Don’t keep your bathroom renovation in the dark. Rather, fill the room with natural light. Glass walls and skylights are great ways to let the sunshine in, especially when paired with large mirrors.

A nature-inspired remodel is a great way to breathe new life into a room. Following these tips will help turn the bathroom into your favorite room.


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