3 Tips for Choosing a Flat Roof Contractor

Flat Roof Contractor

Owning a commercial building such as a plaza or a manufacturing facility can be a lucrative endeavor. However, keeping up with such a facility requires much time, effort and financial resources. At times, major maintenance projects will be required, including flat roof construction St Louis County MO. Consider three tips for choosing a reliable contractor for the project.

1. Look for a Licensed and Experienced Contractor

Whether you ultimately hire someone with his or her own roofing business or a larger construction company with many employees, it’s crucial to choose a licensed firm with many years of experience. It’s important that a potential contractor has a long history with commercial buildings that have flat roofs. The materials and techniques for this type of installation are quite different than those used in a residential setting.

2. Ask Questions

While a roofer may claim to be skilled in several different types of roofing, including commercial buildings, asking some basic questions should help you narrow the field. One of the questions should be about getting a breakdown of the costs for each phase of the project. Additionally, you will want to ask if there is a potential for any add-ons.

3. Ensure the Contractor Has Proper Insurance

This is important with any type of roofing project. It’s especially critical that a contractor has the right amount of insurance when working on a commercial building. Obviously, a roofing company should have insurance that will cover any injuries suffered by its workers on the job. Liability insurance sufficient to cover any damage to the business is also essential. The techniques used for installing roofing on a commercial building usually carry with them a fire risk. So, failure to ensure the contractor is adequately insured could be devastating.

Considering these tips will help you hire the right contractor for your project.


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