Is Your Dog a Target for Mosquitoes?


Although mosquitoes are notorious for biting humans, they tend to bite any mammal they can land on. This means they also prey on your dogs. As they look for a blood meal, mosquitoes search for a warm, active mammal. They can bite dogs, cats, livestock, and horses.

 As humans can get malaria from these insects, your dogs can also contract some illnesses that can be quite serious. When it comes to animal mosquito bites, heartworms are a serious issue. These parasites impact dogs, ferrets, and cats and spread their eggs through mosquito bites. If a dog is infected, it can suffer from organ damage, heart and lung failure, or even death. That is why you need to look for the best pest control Schertz, TX if you see mosquitoes in your home.

Recognizing Mosquitoes in Dogs

A mosquito bite will result in an itchy, red bump on your pet. But, your dog will often hide the affected area if you don’t look for it. A raised, red lump without any other blotchiness can indicate a mosquito bite. But, because other insects may also bite your dog, you may need the help of your vet to confirm the bite.

If you notice that your dog is getting mosquito bites, keep in mind that you are also at risk. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases through their bites, so you must act fast before it becomes a serious issue.

Protecting Your Dog from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are mainly an outdoor issue, which means your dog may get bitten during walks or when playing in the yard. To protect your dog from mosquito bites, do not walk it during peak mosquito hours such as during twilight hours and dawn. Instead, consider walking your dog during full daylight.

Moreover, consider using pet-safe bug repellents. Ask your vet or a pest control expert about your options. Also, it is important to keep your yard clean and free of any standing water. Puddles, soggy spots, or still ponds encourage mosquitoes, so get rid of them to prevent any mosquito larvae from growing and reaching the adult stage.

Hiring a Trusted Pest Control Specialist

For most homeowners, it is quite a daunting task to eliminate mosquitoes. These pests can spawn and travel from one year to another in search of their next blood meal. Also, the majority of products for mosquitoes are only effective for a limited period and only target larvae or adults and not both. A pest control professional has a multi-faceted approach to deal with a mosquito infestation.


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