4 Ways to Fortify Your Home from a Hurricane Force

Fortify Your Home

Hurricanes pose several threats to property. The intense wind speed could impact several areas of a building’s structure, blowing out windows or tearing off portions of a roof. In addition, rising water threatens to flood out homes, creating sogging structures that could rot and develop mold. These situations are devastating to owners who, when faced with these circumstances, must find a way to pay for the necessary repairs.

There are possible ways to avoid or at least mitigate such destruction. Before storm season, invest in these four things that could fortify the home.

1. Improve the Glass

When glass shatters, it could hurt someone inside. In addition, it exposes the home to elements, permitting additional water saturation. More substantial parts could fight off the strong winds and safeguard the house from these conditions. Research impact resistant windows West Palm Beach to locate a place that could assist with this modification.

2. Strengthen the Roof

The wind’s power may weaken the roof’s shingles and flash. When these become harmed, they permit water to enter, absorbing into the ceiling and ruining the drywall and insulation. If these become damp, they could trigger fungus growth. Too much wetness could hurt the roof’s stabilization, possibly leading to a collapse. Contact a local roofer to determine if you need to boost your roof’s strength with better shingles or straps.

3. Restructure Drainage

Move water away from the foundation as much as possible. Be sure the land is sloped to drain away from the home and install gutters to deliver the water from the roof to specific areas around the house.

4. Add a Hurricane Safe Room

In the Midwest, storm cellars are popular safety features for tornados. Consider making a part of your home a storm-safe room for hurricanes. It should have no windows and be designed to withstand the storm’s ferocity. Stock it with water, a radio and food supplies.

Get ahead of the storm. Boost your home’s exterior by changing out weaker parts for things that can handle the gale’s wind and rain.


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