3 Tips to Planning Improvements to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Home Improvements

There is a multitude of reasons to improve your home’s curb appeal. Whether selling it, looking to increase the value or simply wanting it to look nicer, when planning an overhaul of the exterior of your house, keep in mind your budget, tastes and required maintenance. Follow this guide to help you as you start your project.

Keeping Your Budget

When doing any home renovation, it’s easy to come up with a million exciting ideas for how you want it to look. No matter what budget you are working with, there are easy ways to stay on track when planning your project. Start by pricing out the updates you wish to make. When making your list, prioritize your needs. Next, get cost estimates from a variety of contractors for your larger projects. Finally, DIY when you can.

Designing The Landscape

Now that you know your budget, you can start finalizing your design. As you look at different design ideas, keep in mind the style of your home, permit requirements and your taste. This step will help you get the design you want while not forgoing your budget. When looking at your options, consider the priorities you set previously and how to meet them. Once you decide on your design, you can start planning the remainder of this project.

Maintenance Planning

Before you finish, you need to consider the maintenance required for your design plans. For example, with home fence installation in Forest Lake IL, a wood fence may meet the aesthetic you want, but a PVC fence may be better suited for the amount of time you have for home maintenance. As you get ready to start your project, be sure to plan for how you will maintain it, including whether you need to do weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual touch-ups.

Once you complete your budget, design and maintenance plans, you are ready to begin.


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