5 Common Solar Installation Errors and How to Avoid Them

Solar Installation Errors

Since 2005 there has been a huge expansion of solar energy installations. Current energy production stands at approximately 85 gigawatts of capacity nationwide. That is enough to power 16 million homes!

Despite this widespread adoption the technology there are some solar installation errors that are relatively common. But with some help and a little of time invested, you can avoid these issues with ease.

  1. Improper Sizing

Many people looking to convert to a solar system will only use their original electric bill as a reference for sizing their solar setup. This will not allow for a design with adequate coverage.

There are a number of factors that affect the output of a solar system and these must be taken into consideration when designing it. They include;

  • Efficiency declines
  • Panel orientation
  • Settings on the inverter (voltage)

Another major factor that can influence output is temperature as well. The reactions that occur in the panels are more efficient at cooler temperatures than at hot.

Taking these factors into consideration will not only help performance but can offer long term benefits.

  1. Choosing to Lease

The initial investment makes the choice to lease seem like the better idea, not having to pay anything to get the system installed. However, the charge per month more than makes up for that cost.

On top of the monthly charge is an interest rate as well. You will be missing out on potential incentive programs as the system is technically not yours.

A huge downfall comes from selling the home before any lease on the solar equipment is through. Unless the new homeowner is willing to take on the lease you may have to include a buyout of it in the closing cost for the home.

By owning the equipment you have to put in a large investment at the start, but savings and flexibility down the road make up for the money spent.

  1. Forgetting to Shop Around

When you are considering any home improvement project you just go with the first item on the list. It shouldn’t be any different when considering solar companies near me.

Estimates will end up being different from all providers and the more specific you are with your needs and the build you are looking at, the more likely you are to get the best price.

  1. Rebates and Incentives

While the initial install is not cheap the investment can prove to be well worth the cost. This is especially true when taking the variety of rebates, tax credits, and other incentives that the government is offering to those adopting solar technology.

A lot of people forget to take advantage of these when they invest time and money in an installation of a solar system.

Each state has different offerings, so it is wise to read up on what is available dependent on your location.

One of the biggest is a federal tax credit or Solar Investment Tax Credit of up to 26% of the system cost.

Speak with your solar installer if you are unsure about any available programs or have questions about how they work. It is also important to note that these credits are only available to owners of solar systems not those who lease.

  1. Bad Builds

You need to both consider placement in terms of energy production but also in terms of physical stability.

The material of your home and roof needs to be taken into account before placing a heavy solar panel set up on top of it. There are rigging structures that can help disperse the weight as to prevent cracking.

Additionally, you need to make sure you take any features on the roof, chimneys and dishes for example, before having to build around them.

Don’t Let Solar Installation Errors Eclipse Your Home

Given all the benefits you can achieve with a solid solar system it is worth the time to take note on all of these solar installation errors and how to avoid them. Many of them take little time and just require being aware.

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