Getting Rid of Scrap Metal the Easy Way

Scrap Metal

For many people, the only time they ever deal with scrap metal is when disposing of an old car but what about other metal? If you have a larger than average home or are a business owner, the chances are you will have some scrap metal hanging about that is not used for anything. You may be thinking, ‘no, I don’t have any scrap metal’, but a quick clear out of the garage or garden shed and you’ll soon find some! The good news is, some of this metal you need to get rid of is actually worth something and if you have over a certain amount they’ll even come and collect! Collectors of different kinds of scrap metal in Coalville and elsewhere, will collect the scrap from your home or business, weigh it and then usually pay you! It really is as easy as that! The benefits of using a scrap dealer instead of a local man and van are numerous, but include:

  • Convenient Collection Service
  • Money Usually Paid Straight Away
  • Free Rubbish Collection!
  • No Tipping fees!

If you have some scrap metal you need to get rid of, and are not sure of its worth, call your local scrap dealer who’ll be happy to provide you with the going rate. Generally speaking, copper, lead, aluminium and stainless steel are the metals that most people have, and these metals generally fetch a good price. Go on, give that garage a good clear out, you never know, you may be surprised with what you find.


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