5 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to a Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder

Hot Water Cylinder

If you are frustrated with low water pressure and inconsistent temperatures in your shower, consider upgrading your hot water system. Fluctuating water pressure and temperature whenever another tap is turned on are common complaints with outdated hot water cylinders.

To check what kind of system you have, look for any stickers on the cylinder indicating “low pressure” or “mains pressure.” You can also test by turning your cold tap on and off, then doing the same with the hot tap – if the cold water pressure feels noticeably stronger, your system is likely low pressure.

There are many advantages to upgrading to a modern mains pressure hot water cylinder.Here are five compelling reasons why installing a mains pressure hot water cylinder should be at the top of your home improvement to-do list:

1. Enjoy a Powerful Flow of Hot Water

Every time you turn on the tap, a mains pressure system delivers hot water at full mains pressure, providing you with a strong stream of water. There’s no waiting around for the trickle of water to heat up, whether you’re doing the dishes or taking a bath. For all of your hot water demands, a gratifyingly powerful flow is provided by mains pressure.

2. Stop Worrying About Running Out

Convection currents supply hot water while using a conventional low-pressure cylinder. This implies that if several taps run simultaneously, you could quickly run out of hot water. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of hot water again since it heats cold water on demand. Enjoy limitless hot water even when you run the dishwasher and washing machine simultaneously and take long showers.

3. Consistent Hot Water Temperature

Many older systems have water temperature fluctuations, which can be annoying. Mains pressure cylinders deliver consistently hot water because of their enhanced insulation and on-demand heating. No more unexpected cold splashes during a shower or temperature swings caused by the cooling water in the tank. Hot water is consistently delivered at a comfortable temperature by mains pressure.

4. Enhanced Energy Economy

Mains pressure cylinders consume less energy than typical systems. With constant heating and reheating tanks of water, they only heat water when needed. They are, therefore, a greener, more energy-efficient choice. Making the switch to mains pressure is a simple approach to lower the carbon footprint of your house for individuals who are concerned about sustainability.

Mains pressure systems can also be readily combined with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. Investing in a hot water cylinder with mains pressure is a prudent financial decision because the savings accumulate over time.

5. Enjoy More Storage Space

Conventional hot water cylinders might occupy much room in your house. Modern mains pressure cylinders, on the other hand, are vertically slim-line and have a reduced footprint. When you upgrade to mains pressure, you might free up space in your cupboards, closet, or laundry area because of the enhanced storage capacity.

In conclusion,installing mains pressure hotwater cylinder is a wise move. Mains pressure hot water cylinders are an excellent investment because of their exceptional water flow, limitless capacity, energy efficiency, and advantages in storage space. Every time you take a delightfully hot shower in the future, your future self will thank you. Speak with Hot Water Cylinders NZ to determine what mains pressure choices would be best for your house.


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