5 Great Outdoor Storage Solutions To Free Up Space In Your Home

Outdoor Storage

Did you know home lot sizes in the US reduced from 10,994 to 8,982 feet within nine years?

That means you have less space to work with at home, calling for storage creativity. Otherwise, you may have a lot of clutter, which is unappealing and affects your home’s functionality.

Thanks to clever outdoor storage solutions, you never have to deal with this. You can transform your backyard from a chaotic mess to a beautiful space with easy ideas.

Curious what they are? Read on as we analyze some excellent outdoor storage solutions for your home.

1. Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage sheds are among the most popular solutions, and with reason. They’re easy to design and build, so you won’t have to break the bank financing their installation.

You can also customize them to fit your space, as they’re available in varying sizes. Besides, there’s no shortage of creative ideas you can follow to maximize their storage space. You no longer have to opt for traditional shelves in your shed.

You can invest in some storage hooks to hold small equipment like a gardening hose. Or, you can buy a sturdy bin to contain heavier materials like your plant spray. Follow this link for sheds that may help you redefine your space.

2. Coffee Table With Storage

This is a multi-purpose solution you can’t afford to miss. To create your coffee table, you only need to get several wooden crates together.

Ensure you leave an accessible room between the top plywood and the floor for storage. With the right design, your coffee table will serve as a storage solution and an aesthetic piece.

3. Clever Bin Storage

An outdoor storage bin is necessary for any home, but it can also be an eyesore. You can solve this problem by building bin storage, which doubles up as log storage. This way, you get space to store your wood and remove your bin from plain view.

You can also build a roof over your bin storage area to accommodate your plants. This is an excellent solution for homeowners who love plants but don’t have the space to grow them.

4. Stylish Storage Containers

Storage containers are a great idea if you constantly have to deal with kids’ toys lying around. They’re also suitable for homes with pools, as they’re the perfect storage solution for towels.

The best part about these containers is that they’re affordable. Choose stylish options like the rattan boxes to make your space attractive.

5. Multi-Functional Furniture

Lounging sofas are a must-have if you enjoy having company or have a large family. But they take up a lot of storage space in your backyard, so you have to get creative.

Don’t buy the traditional sofa when you can get a multi-purpose option. Most modern lounging sofas can lift up and create room for items like blankets.

Be Creative With These Outdoor Storage Solutions

Finding space for your belongings can be daunting because of the dwindling lot sizes. Luckily, you can always make do with these outdoor storage solutions. Depending on your budget, you can invest in a storage shed or create storage out of cinder blocks.

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