5 Tips For Designing A Modern And Energy-Efficient Household

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Modernize to economize. With today’s tremendous selection of eco-friendly designs and supplies, you can combine environmentally conscious choices for your home with the modern style you love.

All the Right Angles

There’s no doubt modern design enthusiasts love crisp lines and clean angles. But, when it comes to adding an eco-element, consider the sun’s angle, too. Whether you’re building an entirely new structure or simply layering on a modern addition, study the sun’s pattern before you break ground. Orient your domicile accordingly to capitalize on natural light to save tons of energy and a little money, too.

Casting Shade  

Of course, all that natural light may work to exponentially increase your home’s utility bills in summer months. So, incorporate a modern awning, canopy, or overhang to shield it from direct rays and keep your interior temperature stable.

For added comfort, install a smart thermostat to help maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Whether programmable or learning, you’ll minimize large temperature swings that may create more demand and higher consumption. Use the monthly energy report to make additional eco-conscious choices for improved performance.

Solar Savvy

Add solar panels for instant energy upgrades and a modern look for your home’s roofline. A savvy contractor can help you incorporate solar elements seamlessly for a sleek appearance that works double-time in style and energy savings.

Just don’t be discouraged if you can’t power your entire home. Every contribution makes a big difference. For example, you can use solar panels to power radiant heat flooring. It feels great on bare feet and assists your smart thermostat in maintaining a comfortable in-home temperature. If you’re in a warmer climate, or heated floors just aren’t for you, use solar energy to power your home’s water heater.

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

If it’s time to replace your roof, or you’re starting from scratch with new construction, don’t miss the eco-conscious, ultramodern design of the rainwater harvesting roof. This exceptional feature doesn’t just look amazing: the roof actually collects and filters rainwater for secondary use around your home. Water plants or use it in indoor plumbing fixtures to reduce your dependence on utility companies and become a more responsible Earth citizen.

A Better Build

Depending on your neighborhood, you may find trouble when trying to incorporate ultramodern elements in your home’s exterior. No matter, because you can always get away with using eco-conscious building materials on the inside.

Ringing in around the same price as wood, structural insulated panels (SIP) provide exceptional insulation in cold and windy areas. Add highly efficient foam insulation for a double-layer of protection against the elements. A highly effective use pairs spray foam with rigid foam to reduce your home’s thermal bridge for enhanced performance and optimum comfort.

Whether you’re able to incorporate a lot, or just a little, in your home’s design — rest easy. You’re contributing to modern style and a friendlier environment with every little step you take towards responsible energy consumption.


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