How Can You Make Use of a Skip?


Whether you are getting a home renovation project done or you are working on simply clearing out and landscaping your garden, there’s a good chance that you are not going to want to try and lug the tens of trash bags back and forth around the kerb. Instead, you can decide to make only a few short trips by working with a skip hire company. With a useful skip in your driveway, you can have one convenient place for all of the unwanted material without having to worry about straining yourself.

What Kind of Waste Can Skips Take?

While you are looking at skip hire prices in Lewisham, you are also going to want to remember what kinds of waste your standard skip bin can hold. Most can hold sizes in the following areas:

  • Smaller skips between two and four yards for smaller renovations
  • Medium skips between four and five yards for most renovations without heavy work
  • Larger skips over six yards for heavy-duty renovations where there is a lot of waste

When you choose to rely on the ease and the convenience of working with a skip, not only will you be able to reduce the amount of plastic bag waste in landfills, but you will also feel confident in knowing that you won’t have to think about the garbage again for a long, long time.

Why Rely on a Skip Hire?

Besides the above reasons, another thing to consider when you are looking at skip hires is that you don’t have to move them around on your own. Once you set a date for the skip to arrive by, you will also set a date it will leave by, and through this, you will be able to see that the skips arrive on time and never overstay their welcome.


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