6 Health Hazards in Your Home and How to Protect Your Family


We consider our homes as a haven, a place to relax and rest. We are often too focused on creating a beautiful house that we forgot about reducing hazards and preventing injuries essential in creating a comfortable and safe home.

Creating a safe home does not come naturally. It requires effort for children to play safely and adults can live comfortably. In Australia alone, there are 58,000 hospitalisations related to accidents among children. Those accidents range from drowning, fall, burns, choking, dog bites, and poisoning. These are all preventable and commonly happened in the house.

Here are health hazards you can find at home that can easily be eliminated to protect your family.


Household cleaning supplies and medications or drugs are the usual cause of poisoning. Gas such as carbon monoxide and radon are also dangerous because they emit colourless and odourless fumes. You will not notice the presence of these gases without the help of a detector.

To prevent poisoning, it is crucial to put cleaning supplies in safe, hard-to-reach places. Use baby locks when storing these chemicals on a low shelf. Avoid reusing drinking bottles or food containers for these chemicals.

Any medications should be stored in a cool, dry place far from the reach of children. Label the medications properly.


Fall is a widespread cause of injury in both children and the elderly. Although the majority of fall cases are not life-threatening, they can cause disability and discomfort. In children, walkers, windows, and certain toys can lead to serious falls.

Always make sure the stairs are free from carpets or toys, ensure the handrails are sturdy with proper lighting. Quickly fix any damage on the stairs. Install safety gates on the stairs to prevent children from crawling and fall.

Whenever you want to reach hard places, get a ladder or sturdy step stool. For the bathroom, get rubber mats to reduce the risk of sliding and install grab bars for the elderly.

Hidden Toxins

There are toxins in your home that you might not be aware of its presence. Examples are asbestos, mold, lead, and bisphenol-A.

Asbestos can be found all around the house but does not pose a risk when the materials are in good condition. However, if your home was built a long time ago, there are chances that materials such as drywall and insulation are in poor condition. Avoid moving or touching these materials. Seal the area and immediately get an asbestos removal company it can be disposed of safely. Asbestos can cause chronic lung disease and cancer.

Meanwhile, mold can trigger respiratory problems, particularly for individuals who have asthma and allergies. Mold and mildew can exacerbate their condition due to their spores. Since mold thrives in spaces that are humid and rich in moisture, get a dehumidifier and open windows to improve ventilation.


The pool and bathroom are unsafe for children. When they are in these areas, they should be supervised by adults. In many drowning cases, it only takes a few seconds out of sight.

If you have a pool, make sure to install a safety fence around the pool to avoid an accidental fall. Lock the fence so kids will not enter the area on their own. For the bathroom, throw away any excess water in the bathtub or water container. Do not leave children alone in the bathroom or swimming pool, even for a short period.

Fire and burns

Another common hazard at home is fire. The elderly and children are prone to this situation for many reasons. For burns, children often injure themselves because of hot water. As a preventive measure, reduce your water heater’s temperature or turn off any gas equipment after use.

As much as possible, use the back burner on the stove so kids will not easily reach the hot pot. Do not drink or eat hot food when you are with a baby.

Avoid being distracted when you are cooking. It would be wise to install a fire detector in the kitchen to control the fire when a fire breaks out. Regularly check the batteries of these alarms.

Another trick to prevent fire is cleaning your chimney and removing lint from your dryer and its exhaust.

If a kid experiences a burn, wash the area with cold tap water, cover it with sterile gauze, and give a pain reliever in case the pain is too much.


Dust mites, rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes carry many diseases that can potentially infect us. Dust mites can trigger asthma, eczema, or sinusitis. Rodents can cause food contamination that leads to illnesses such as Salmonella and Lyme.

To avoid food contamination, always put food in an airtight container. Constantly clean all areas of your home and remove dust by vacuuming daily.

Don’t just make your home beautiful; make it safe too.


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