Does Your Tree Require Surgery

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In order to make the most of your landscape, you need to schedule regular pruning and topping of your trees. By taking this step, you will keep your trees healthy and avoid any problems with disease. A tree removal and management service can also assist you with gardening and ground maintenance services.

Featured Specialities

Typically, tree removal and management specialists offer the following services:

  • Tree felling
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Dead wood removal
  • Crown thinning, reduction, and lifting
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree topping and reshaping

When a tree surgeon in Glasgow must perform surgery, he or she uses their skills as an arborist to remove diseased limbs or to dangerous or storm-damaged trees from a property.

When You Need to Call a Surgeon

One thing you do not want to have on your property is a leaning tree. A strong wind can cause the tree to topple over and damage a nearby building, or injure a person. You also do not want the limbs mingling with power lines, as this is another safety hazard waiting to unfold.

Stump Grinding Services

If you have a stump projecting from your yard, you need to remove it as well. Either someone could trip over the stump and get hurt, or unwanted insects such as termites may take up residence.

As you can see, the services of a tree management company are necessary if you want to maintain your property’s kerb appeal and keep it safe. According to professionals in the real estate industry, a well-landscaped yard increases a property’s value by as much as 10%. That figure alone is reason enough to contact a tree and grounds management service today.


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