Farmhouse Decor and You


The farmhouse style has become a popular style of interior decoration over the last few years and is one that provides feelings of rustic comfort. With the holiday season just around the corner, farmhouse holiday decor is certainly going to be in demand. If you’re looking to change your home’s interior, update it to something new, or are just interested in learning more about farmhouse decoration here is a broad overview of what it is about.

The Characteristics of Farmhouse Decor

As with all styles of decoration (such as minimalism and modern) farmhouse has its unique characteristics that set it apart. These traits include the use of rustic and practical furniture that focuses on comfort. In farmhouse decoration, you also see neutral or bright colors and specific materials that offer a more down-home feel. Basic functionality is at the core of the farmhouse style. For example, furniture is placed based on accessibility and usefulness. You’d place a chair where it is most accessible before you’d consider the overall style and room layout.

Tips For Decorating Your Home

If you want to redecorate your home in the farmhouse style, here are some tips to help you get started and avoid some of the more common errors.

  • Practicality is of Utmost Importance: farmhouse décor draws from rural and hardworking rustic life. Because of this, the furniture and accent pieces you use in your home should be selected based on usefulness and not necessarily the most stylish appearance. Vintage pieces are valued because they have stood the test of time and also have a unique history and story to tell.
  • Materials and Patterns: there are certain elements and materials that epitomize the farmhouse look. Reclaimed barn wood is a favored material due to its character and overall appearance. Distressed and natural woods are also commonly used for furniture, accent pieces, and overall construction. In terms of materials, natural is better, and you should make use of cotton, canvas, linen, and other types of natural non-synthetic fabrics. Finally, in terms of patterns, floral, checks, plaid, and stripes are just some patterns used.
  • Vintage: a well-decorated farmhouse-style home should have a seasoned and lived-in look. When buying furniture, an aged vintage table can add a lot to your living room. However, it is also important not to overdo it. Too many vintage pieces can have a cluttering effect and that is why they should be paired with modern items that match the farmhouse style. A pair of new wicker chairs can provide a rustic functional style that pairs well with other vintage items. Another vintage concept is exposed wood beans, which call to mind barns and other rustic buildings.

Final Thoughts

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. If your décor has become boring, ill-defined, or you simply want to change it then farmhouse décor could be exactly what you’re looking for. Many people appreciate the simple, timeless, and functional focus the farmhouse style has. If you want to live in a warm home that feels like it’s made to be lived in this could be exactly the style you need.


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