Five Reasons That Can Cause Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

The importance of having a working drain is something that is well understood by every homeowner. Every home is reliant on effective pipes and drainage system that effectively drains away wastewater. Moreover, they ensure the elimination of possible bacteria buildup, foul smells and airborne pollutants.

However, at some point or the other, the inevitable clogged drain unexpectedly creeps up like a thief in the middle of the night. Blocked drains in Melbourne are a massive inconvenience; they are disgusting and are swarming with bacteria creating an odour-inducing problem from everyone.

Many reasons can cause blocked drains in Melbourne. We have compiled a list of the most common reasons that lead to your pipes getting clogged and also how you can avoid or deal with them;

  1. Putting Inappropriate Items Down The Toilet And Sinks

The most common cause of blocked drains in Melbourne is shoving foreign objects down the drain. Things like wipes and fats being the most prevalent culprits. Unlike toilet paper that breakdown, baby/facial/cleaning wipes do not break down, they accumulate in the drain and block them eventually.

Also ‘flushable’ wipes should be flushed down the toilet. Fats a significant problem due to the way they solidify in drains, more particularly when they are in contact with fibrous items like wipes.

What Can You Do?

This one is straightforward; you do not need to call a blocked drains plumber in Melbourne. Do not put anything other than toilet paper and also dispose of food and fats safely through your household refuse. You can also pour warm fats into an old yogurt pot until it solidifies.

  1. External Items Getting Into Drains

Items from outside can also cause blocked drains in Melbourne. Things like leaves, stones and debris can fall down the grates, getting into the drains. Also people can pour things that should not be poured down drains such as paint, eventually leading to blocked drains in Melbourne.

What Can You Do?

To avoid this, you should consider installing drain covers over your grates to prevent foreign objecting being blown into the drains. Additionally, it would help if you made it difficult for anyone to pour anything down your drains.

  1. Tree Roots

Another common cause of blocked drains in Melbourne are tree roots, as they are extensive underground. When your pipes were installed, there probably were minimal or no roots at all. And their growth may be interfering with your pipes to the extent they can get damaged or blocked.

Roots can cause pipes to crack, making them susceptible to leaking or grow into the pipes, thus blocking the flow of water.

What You Can Do;

When it comes to roots, you are a tad limited as you are unable to see what is going on underground. However, you can keep an eye on the trees in your property, more especially old, larger trees. If the roots are causing other issues such as cracking pathways or coming up through the ground, chances are they are causing problems underground.

The best solution, when you notice such symptoms, is to call blocked drains plumber in Melbourne to check out the state of your pipes using a camera.

  1. Pipe Structural Issues

Blocked drains in Melbourne can also be caused by the pipes themselves breaking down. A terracotta pipe can crack and suffer from displacement when the joint succumbs, and a section of the pipeline falls. While fibreglass pipes can become squashed, reducing its size, preventing water from flowing. Underground pipes can also be compromised by subsidence.

What You Can Do;

It is difficult, because all is underground, to know if there is a problem unless you are experience problems. A blocked drains plumber in Melbourne will conduct a survey using correlator technology to detect any problems. It is a better option than waiting until you have a sewerage burst in your house.

  1. Heavy Rain And Storms

Drains will experience floods of water because of heavy rainfall during the wet season. They are not designed to withstand the full for this weather, and water build-up is a common occurrence in many households in Melbourne. There is a good chance of a blocked drain that needs to be cleared out of there is an overflow of rainwater in the gutters and downpipes.

What You Can Do;

You will need to ensure that you clean your gutters during the wet season to prevent the build-up of leaves that can cause your drains to be clogged. The problems that are caused by heavy rains and storms will typically require the services of a blocked drains plumber in Melbourne to unclog and help with the wastewater removal.

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