Four Major Signs You Should Consider Before Buying An Office Chair

Office Chair

Many office workers spend a lot of time sitting in chairs and working with computers all day, which can lead to fatigue. Fatigue can also affect work efficiency. As we all know, if you want to improve your work efficiency, you first need to improve your tools. So, whether you work from home or in the office, you need to choose an office chair that can help you achieve the best possible sitting posture. So, how should we select office chairs?

Softness of the Chair

The first step is to check the comfort and softness of the cushion and backrest. This is mainly to determine the density and strength of the seat filling. If the cushion is made of sponge, it is a good idea that it does not touch the bottom plate when you sit down. When you press down hard, you will feel a sense of rebound and you will notice that the surface is flat and not uneven. Check that the seat board matches the curve of your buttocks and thighs. Boards that are too soft or too hard can cause bad curvature of the spine. Too soft or too thick a board will reduce blood flow to the legs. The cushion is actually an important part of the chair. After sitting for too long, the buttocks become stuffy and uncomfortable. Why is that? The buttocks carry the weight and pressure from the upper body. The blood vessels and nerves are very dense in the buttocks. If the cushion is too soft, it won’t fit the buttocks properly. It will also increase pressure on your blood vessels and nerves.

Height of the armrest

Armrests should be aligned with the seat backrest and the seat board. Place your hand on the armrest and make sure it fits your hand’s curve; it is best not to bend your hand naturally. Apply some pressure and shake the armrest from side to side. This will test its stability and see if it can support your hand. If the armrest has an adjustable design, adjust it according to the adjustable direction to see how flexible it is.

Gas cylinder

High-quality office chairs with a quality gas cylinder will not make any abnormal noise when you sit on it. In addition, there will not be any air leakage when you shake it from one side to the other and lift it up to one side and down to one side. Before buying, try touching the adjustment lever with your hand and see if it’s sensitive. If you raise it all the way and then lower it a little bit, if the chair suddenly falls to the bottom without any rebound, then it’s not a good quality gas cylinder.

Chair base

Generally, you need to select an office chair that has a five-foot design to ensure the chair is stable. There are two types of chair bases that we have to choose from: the caster type and the fixed type. When choosing the type of the chair base, you should think about whether it will damage the floor and whether the casters will be too flexible or not. If the casters are too flexible, it will be difficult to withstand the force of the chair and you will be very tired.


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