How do Windows Affect your Overall Energy Bill?


With the winter months coming it might seem like a great idea to crank up the heat and not worry. Though the air conditioning bills that we see in the summer may seem like the higher bills, oftentimes heating bills are far more expensive than summer cooling. Making sure you are doing what you can to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible can make a big difference in our overall bills and energy savings.

What Affects Your Energy Bill?

There are a ton of different things that can affect your energy bill, from the temperature that you keep your thermostat to how airtight your home is. One major factor that many people tend to overlook is your windows. Older windows are more likely to have cracks, to be poorly sealed, and to have a far higher chance of leaking air around them that can cause your bill to go up.

Windows are one of the biggest factors when it comes to your energy bill and they can cause a huge drain on your energy bill if they are old, poorly sealed, poorly-secured, or just plain not in great shape. Your home is a closed system, the air that is pumped into the home stays within the home and is then cycled out and back in again. With systems that are closed, they do work better if they remain closed. This means that if your windows are cracked, if they are in bad shape, or if they are not properly sealed air can escape from that closed system and can then other air can enter the system. If cold air continues to enter the system, your heating system is not going to be able to keep up and your bill is going to climb.

The type of window that you have also made a difference. Windows that are designed to keep out heat and cold are better than cheaper windows, double-paned windows can be more impactful in terms of your energy bill, and more can all change how much your energy bill is. Replacing old windows is a great way to help lower your energy bill and help to make your home more comfortable and easier to live in your home. This can also help make your home more comfortable during temperate times.

Replacing your Windows

A local Denver window company can help you get the windows that are going to work for you and your home and that are going to work best in terms of reducing your overall energy bill and getting your home as energy-efficient as possible. With good windows, your home is going to be more airtight, it is going to be better for lower energy bills, and it is also going to look nice. In some cases, you can count the cost of replacement windows off of your taxes as well as saving some money on your monthly energy bills.


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