Benefits of Sealcoating


As the name suggests, sealcoating is the process of applying a protective coating to driveways and other asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating can help protect a paved area from weather damage like sun, rain and snow.

Although it’s best known for weather protection, sealcoating has other benefits, too. If you’re looking for sealcoating Pittsburgh PA, keep reading for a few ways this technique can improve your driveway and extend the life of your investment.

It Protects the Driveway from Stains and Spills

We’ve all seen unsightly oil spots on pavement. Since most people don’t know their cars are leaking oil until after-the-fact, these spots can be challenging to prevent. They’re also hard to remove and detract from the appearance of your property.

Luckily, regular sealcoating can help prevent oil, gasoline and other chemical stains from impacting your driveway. Instead of seeping into the asphalt, these stains and spots can be washed away with a hose or by a rainstorm.

It Enhances the Aesthetic Appearance of the Property

A fresh sealcoating looks aesthetically pleasing it fills cracks, smooths the driveway’s surface and gives a glossy black finish. A well-maintained and sealed driveway can add a nice touch to your home’s curb appeal and complement your exterior decor.

It Helps to Slow Deterioration

The weather is not kind to asphalt. Constant exposure to sun, rain and snow can lead to a crumbling driveway. Sealcoating can strengthen your asphalt by providing a protective top layer that absorbs the impact from the weather. Applying a sealcoat every few years can help prevent hairline cracks, fading, holes and other signs of wear. 

A driveway is an important part of the home and requires regular maintenance. A sealcoating regimen, usually recommended every 2-3 years, can help keep your asphalt looking bright and prevent it from excessive deterioration due to weather exposure,


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