How To Choose The Best Pantry Doors For Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Pantry Doors For Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Last year, around 60% of adults in the United States had plans to renovate their kitchens and some people are still working on the task.

Kitchen renovations can get costly, however, but did you know that there is a way to make massive upgrades without spending much?

A wonderful way to change your kitchen is by highlighting the pantry with new doors that make a statement.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best pantry doors for your kitchen remodel project!

Peekaboo Doors

One of the best kitchen remodel projects to try is changing your dull pantry doors into ones with windows.

Peekaboo doors can have a small window to look through, primarily consisting of glass. A common trend for pantry peekaboo doors is to incorporate frosted glass. Frosted glass windows can hide the view behind the door and make your kitchen look less-cluttered.

Opaque windows with vinyl lettering spelling out ‘pantry’ looks great and can upgrade your kitchen. This also makes it easier for guests to find the snacks and ingredients while helping you in the kitchen.

Barn Doors

If you have a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, you should consider getting barn doors for the pantry.

Barn doors are a specific type of sliding door that gets connected to a top runner, which makes the doors look more rustic. These doors can get painted in a variety of pastel or neutral colors to help brighten the kitchen and add a unique stlye.

Some people recommend different placement styles of wood panels. Not only do these doors work in farmhouse-inspired homes, but also people drawn to the industrial, cottage-core, or family styles.

Swinging Doors

Finding something unique is challenging, but swing interior doors can impress you and your guests!

You won’t ever have to worry about having your hands too full to grab the door again. As you pull out all of your ingredients and equipment, you can use your hip or foot to open the door instead. Swinging doors are convenient and won’t slow you down in the kitchen, just keep your head up.

If you aren’t sure about swinging doors because you have curious children or pets, you can install a lock. This will prevent the swinging doors from moving.

Rustic Paint

Sometimes a worn-down look can complete the style of your kitchen.

Chalk paint and milk paint look wonderful on old wooden doors. You can make them look more rustic with the hardware you use and by sanding down the paint. If you want to make a big statement, consider using colors like teal, purple, or red.

Bright colors look great on pantry doors and you can make them look more rustic by sanding down some of the paint or blending it with other colors. Don’t be afraid to get creative, think about the colors that you want to incorporate in your kitchen and see if you can use them for the doors.

Sliding Door

If you are looking for a fun addition to your kitchen design, you should install a sliding door.

Sliding doors can be in the form of a wall insert or go on one side of a doorway. These doors are perfect for the kitchen since you don’t have to lock anyone out for privacy and they are easy to open if your hands are full.

Many people recommend using sliding doors for the pantry if you don’t have a large space. Reducing the space needed to open a door can make your home feel less cluttered, especially in the kitchen.


When you have a large pantry, you have the option to use a double-door, which is luxurious and eye-catching.

If you have a large pantry and you want to make it look larger, install double-doors. Double-doors make it easy to bring out large items like the KitchenAid mixer or your Costco-sized bag of rice.

Even if you don’t have a large doorway, you can still utilize double-doors by getting options that are slimmer. When the width of your doors gets reduced, your options open up for creating a more refined style.

Multi-Purpose Door

Depending on how you work in the kitchen, you might want to consider getting a custom multi-purpose door.

These types of doors can have shelving built-in for storing spices, books, and cooking supplies. You can also get chalkboard and cork boards on part of the door to write quick conversions and notes for cooking.

You can install hooks on the inside of your doors and small shelves, large enough to hold spices and utensils. Think about your habits in the kitchen, this will help you find the best purposed for your doors.

Consider talking to a professional woodworker that can custom-build your door. This is essential so that the foundation can support whatever you put on the door.

Excited for Your Kitchen Remodel Project?

A kitchen remodel project can cost a lot of money, but by making small upgrades, you can suddenly change your environment.

One of the best ways to update your kitchen design is to focus on the pantry. If you have a pantry room or closet connected to the kitchen, you can turn this into an impressive space. Upgrading your pantry doors will help make your home look luxurious, whether your style is farmhouse, modern, or practical.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, fun doors can add a lot of personality to your kitchen and make it easier to move around.

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