How to Know When You Have a Foundation Problem

Foundation Problem

Knowing the signs of foundation problems can help you protect your home investment. Foundation repairs can be done fairly inexpensively, but if an entire foundation needs to be replaced it can be expensive. Here are some common things you’ll see if you have a foundation issue.

Doors and Windows Sticking

If you start to notice doors that are hanging unevenly, sticking when opening and closing or double doors that aren’t meeting in the middle, this can indicate a foundation problem. A foam foundation repair Tulsa OK can be done to prevent further damage.

Cracks Forming

You may notice cracks in the walls of your home, on your chimney or in your flooring. It’s normal for small cracks to form as the foundation settles during the first year or two after construction, but if you notice horizontal cracks forming there may be a bigger problem.

Foundation Settling or Sinking

A foundation repair specialist may be necessary if you notice one side of your house seems lower than the other. This sinking can be due to different moisture levels in the soil around your home. Slab repair can be accomplished before too much damage occurs to the rest of the house.

Uneven Floors

Another indication of a possible foundation issue is uneven flooring. When you notice floors beginning to sag or droop, it’s important to have your foundation inspected for problems.

Gaps Around Cabinets and Counters

When you begin to notice gaps between your counters or cabinets and the wall, you may have a foundation issue. The gap can begin small, but if the foundation isn’t repaired, the gap can increase tremendously.

When you’re paying attention, it’s easy to notice the beginning signs of foundation issues. Catching problems early and hiring a professional foundation repair specialist will prevent the need for an entire foundation overhaul.


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