How To Efficiently Organize Your Garage


Do you use your garage as a place to store any items you don’t know what to do with? Has your garage become a dumping space for your belongings that is so unorganized you have trouble finding what you need? Consider these tips as you tackle organizing the garage, and you’ll be left with a clean, open space that is usable and efficient.

Group Items

Before you start putting anything in bins and on shelves, group all of the items in your garage into categories. For example, all your painting supplies should be placed together. You may need to take things outside of the garage to have enough space for the various piles. By doing this, you can clearly see how many items you have for one category, which will allow you to properly put things away when the time comes. There’s nothing worse than starting to put items on a shelf, only to realize that you don’t have enough shelf space. Always overestimate how much space you need to store a group of items so that your collection can grow and you don’t have to reorganize when that happens.

Consider the Item’s Location

Be mindful of where you store certain items. For example, it’s best to keep your recycling near the door to the house and all your tools near the workbench. If you have a large garage, create a workbench with industrial steel caster wheels so you can move the table to whichever area of the garage best suits your needs that day. However, make sure the caster wheels can lock. You don’t want to get injured by having the workstation accidentally move away from you.

Store Gear Vertically

Place wire grids and wall-mounted pegboards on the wall to hold small equipment, such as garden tools. It’s important to take advantage of any overhead space so that you can maximize your storage solutions. It is OK to place items outside your reach if you have a step stool handy; however, you may get tired of pulling the step stool out if you place regularly used items out of reach. It’s best to keep supplies you access only a few times a year in those hard-to-reach spots.

If organizing your garage feels too daunting, turn to a professional for help. People who love cleaning up clutter can help you take the emotion out of the project so you can get rid of items you don’t need and clean up your garage space.


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