Transforming Your Bedroom Into a Place of Relaxation


Most people have no choice but to stay in their homes because the pandemic is still present in most parts of the world. People spend a significant amount of time inside their rooms, whether sleeping, watching a favorite show, working, or simply lying down and getting lost with time with our gadgets.

Well, after such a time, you might feel that the room seems a little dull. You notice all the little things and get used to the same view over and over.

People are lucky that they have time as their advantage right now. Since you cannot go outside much, you have all the time in the world to change and spice up your bedroom. Maybe this time we can do the styles that we haven’t tried before or the ideas we had but didn’t have enough time to do.

Well, here are seven ways to spice up the bedroom:

Mix match colors

This time don’t be afraid to try out new things. This includes the mixing colors inside the bedroom. You have the time to experiment with the colors of your liking. This way, it will make the room more lively and fun. Having many colors inside the room will surely brighten up from the dull space it looked like before.

Do it yourself

There are many videos, tips, and tricks on the internet that you can use to make your room look a whole lot better. Depending on our taste and style, it’s effortless; you can look for new and great doable ideas that can spice up the room with the click of your hands. Remember changing how the room looks do not need to cost much; you may have things lying around the house that you can put together to make the room look better.


Say goodbye to just the simple light bulbs we have that are white or yellow. Let’s add some LED lights and lamps to brighten up the place and highlight our favorite spots. Putting around lamps will change the mood of the room. Adding some colorful LED lights will change how the room looks.


Let’s say you enjoy painting or sketching, and you have no place to display them, which may not be a problem anymore. If you have an empty wall that looks plain by itself, you can spice things up by putting your artwork to highlight them. This will make your room have an artistic feel, and you’ll feel more motivated to work on more art.

Go green

Everyone knows that plants don’t just serve to be pretty things to look at. They also are essential because they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Thus having a lot of plants will clean the air. So if you’re looking to change the way your room looks, you might consider placing plants of your liking. Maybe this will also open a new hobby of collecting plants. Try purchasing plants that you can hang on your window or those tiny potted plants. This will make the room look fresher and calming.

Picture wall

Do you like traveling? Going out and making memories with people you love? Then you might also enjoy taking lots and lots of pictures to remember all the fun and memories that have been created. Another thing that could make your bedroom pop is by dedicating a whole wall for your photos. You can print out your pictures or already have ones from the polaroid and stick them to the wall. This way, when you wake up, every day you get to see all the beautiful memories and stories you made in the past. This also motivates you to keep on making new memories to cherish.

Accessories and Furniture

Again to emphasize, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when making your room look better. You can go to your favorite thrift shops or vintage shops and find things to add to your room that would make a significant change. Who knows what you can see in the shops. There are so many inexpensive things out there that you don’t realize you need in your bedroom. Try investing in living room furniture for your room, so you can invite your siblings and friends to lounge in your room to pass the time or play board games. So don’t be afraid to keep on looking and one day you might find a gem in one of the shops.


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