How To Give Your Home More Personality

Mirror Art at home

Do you find your home to be bland? Do you want to find ways to inject your personality into your home but aren’t sure what to do? You don’t want your home to look garish, but you also don’t want it to look too clinical. Luckily, there are different changes you can make to your space that will immediately improve the way your home looks and feels.

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Art Work

If you don’t have anything on your walls, you should choose some artwork to jazz things up. You can choose colorful pieces to help bring pops of color or rely on mirror art to bring a unique design element and help open up the space. When choosing to go with mirror art, speak with a mirror art installation Manhattan specialist, so you know how to best install it and where it will make the most impact in your home.

Paint Color

When you use paint to update your home, don’t feel you need to choose wild colors to make a significant impact. Sometimes going with a more neutral paint for the wall color and using a stronger color for accents makes the biggest impact. If you love bold colors, choose to add a statement wall, but avoid painting entire rooms in strong colors. The rooms will likely feel more closed in and smaller.


The accessories you choose to add to a room will be the best way to add your personality. If you have a collection of memorabilia that is your crowning achievement in life, consider displaying it on a shelf in your living room. If you have a sassy personality, then perhaps you could find colorful throw pillows with funny sayings and pictures on them.

When picking figurines and accents to place around the room, don’t feel that you have to go with boring, mundane things to simply fill a spot. If you’re obsessed with all things Halloween, then perhaps go out of the box and get a bone statue of a chicken or cat and have that as one of your figurines to display year-round.


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