How You Can Make Your Home Office Conducive for Work

Home Office

Because of the pandemic, many workers have to be sent home to do their jobs remotely. Thanks to technology, now most white-collar professions can be done offsite. With a stable internet connection and a trusty computer, now teams can collaborate even from different locations.

If you belong to the demographic of work-from-home employees, you probably feel the pressure of achieving the same level of productivity you delivered when you still worked from the office. And we feel where you are coming from. After all, while remote work has allowed many to maximize their hours and days, it has also blurred the line between work and, well, life. If you want to ensure your utmost productivity when it comes to the former so you’ll have more time to cater to the latter, here’s what you must do.

Remember the word ergonomic

Anything that is designed to work with the human body seamlessly is called ergonomic. And that’s the key to ensuring that your home office allows productivity. When your body quickly strains because you’re not using the right equipment, you do less in more time. Plus, you end your day feeling depleted.

Change that by carefully choosing ergonomic office supplies. From your computer to your work chair, everything should support the natural design of your anatomy. For example, your table and chair should allow you to type on your laptop with your forearm parallel to the floor.

Get lit

If you work in the morning, you can’t go wrong with natural light. Supplement it with a floor or table lamp.

Meanwhile, if you also or mostly work at night, you need to make sure that you have a sufficient artificial light source. Your goal is for your workspace to be bright enough that you do not need to squint at your computer or inside your drawers when you need something but not too bright that there’s glare coming from many directions. Both will be stressful to your eyes.

Mind the temperature

Make sure that your air conditioning is working just right. If it’s the hot season, your house’s cooling system should be reliable. If it’s the cold season, the heating system should be on-point. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable in your workplace.

Remember that your level of comfort is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to productivity. So do not try to neglect a faulty thermostat, thinking it’s doing you no harm. You can avail of air conditioning maintenance services if needed.

Set the right vibe

You can personalize your home office the same way you personalized your desk at your real office. That’s one way you can set the right vibe. Put a frame of your family on your desk. Or, if you’re single, put a framed photo of you and your furry companion.

If you’re the type who thrives amid words of wisdom, you can post inspiring quotes on the walls closest to your work area. You can even color-coordinate the space based on your preferred aesthetics. The goal is to make the area as energizing and inspiring as possible.

Have everything you need close by

You do not want to find your groove, only to lose it because you had to leave your work area to get something from the kitchen. So if your body is fueled by coffee, have a dedicated coffeemaker in your home office. That way, you’ll have a mug ready every time you need one without you losing your train of thought or your burst of creativity.

Pick the best location

This is probably the most crucial. Decide from the get-go as to the level of ambient noise or background activity you’re amenable to. If you’re the type who likes working in coffee shops, you’re probably okay with a home office close to your house’s common room or entertainment area. However, if you need complete silence and privacy, you’re better off taking your home office where there’s the least foot traffic. That is if you want to get things done.

Your physical space has a direct effect on your mood and behavior. And those things affect your level of productivity. With that said, it pays to zero in on your home office and to explore ways on how to make it most conducive to the kind of work you do.

Once you’ve designed an optimized home office, you are sure to reach the level of productivity you aspire. One that will allow you to spare more time for other aspects of living. That right there is the beginning of work-life balance.

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