9 Awesome House Siding Color Ideas for 2019


The décor of the inside of your house is important, but it’s the outside of your home that makes a first impression. Whenever someone drives down your block, they’re going to see your house and you probably want it to make a statement.

Not only that, but you want to be happy with the color of the siding of your house. If you’re a first-time homeowner, you probably don’t have an idea of what color would look nice. You might be inclined to just go with the color that came with the house, but you can change that to reflect your personality.

For some siding color ideas for your home, look below and pick what you think would be the best color to say “hello”!

Light Maple

If you are wanting a lighter color that isn’t a stark white, a light maple is a great shade to welcome guests and your family. A light maple will accent your siding by making it quaint and brighten up the neighborhood.

Add some flowers to the front of your house and a nice picket fence and you have a perfect home to live in.


Remaining in the theme of a light color that is not white, marigold is a warm and light color for the siding of your home. With a very slight tint of yellow, this pleasant color really is a welcoming shade for your house.

This color will fit with almost any style of home and looks great with white trimming to give you that real New England feel.


Taupe is a great choice for homeowners who are still looking to have a lighter color, but this option is more on the cool side than it is the warm side. If you go with the shade called Newport Taupe, it’s a little darker than the traditional taupe shade and goes really well with a darker roofing.

Taupe is also a great shade for a home that is tucked in between a lot of woods, as it blends nicely with the natural forest.


Going along the lines of a neutral tone with a little more of a personality, painting your house siding olive is a really good idea. No, not like the green olive that you eat.

The olive color is a nicer and richer color that gives your home more depth than your regular neutral color.

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Pacific Blue

Blues are a popular color for homes, but if something that is overly bright isn’t your style, a nice pacific blue may work perfectly for what you are looking for. This shade of blue is a darker color than other blues you may see and really gives the home a smart look to it.

From some angles this color may seem gray, but it’s blue enough to give it great personality.

Red Brick

If you like the color of brick, but you aren’t really looking for a brick house, why not go with a color that is literally called “red brick”? This deep red color looks gorgeous on the sidings of your home and will give it that rich color without having a brick home.

With this beautiful color on your home, you are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood, as well as impressing anyone who comes to your home for any occasion.

Sable Brown

Sable Brown is a really lovely color for those looking for a nice warm color that goes well with warmer weather climates. A warm color like sable brown is a welcoming color that will look cozy on any block that your home sits on. If you end up pairing the siding with warm reds or rusts colors, you have a great looking home on your hands.

Snow White

White is an incredibly popular color for a home. While you may think that having a white home makes your home boring and without personality, there is plenty of personality in snow white.

Just imagine your home in a bright neighborhood with nots of flowers and trees – a snow white color on the siding of your house is stylistic and traditional. You can pair this color with others to really make a statement.


Cedar is not so much a siding color, but is a stain that looks absolutely gorgeous for those who are looking to have a more natural, wood look to their home.

With that cabin feel to it, cedar is simply a warm and welcoming way to add personality to the siding of your home without even painting it. You can use cedar alone or even pair it with a cool color to really have your home pop.

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