Landscaping: Tips for Maintaining the Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Just like any other installed product in your home, maintaining your sprinkler system is paramount if you want an efficient and reliable operation. Improper maintained-sprinkler could waste-water and also become a tragedy to your landscaping and lawn. Below are some of the ways you could maintain and protect your investment through sprinkler system maintenance.

Seasonal Precautions

Prepare for winter

Winterizing your sprinkler systems by a professional could be a small investment that could save you future repair costs and problems related to broken sprinkler systems. Considering a qualified Denver sprinkler repair professional could be an assurance of winterization services that could preserve your system from getting damaged by freezing weather.

 However, you should also play a role by placing your sprinkler in a safe place, away from freezing temperatures until the spring, if the irrigation professional pulled out the backflow and left it in your care.

Also, it could be better to blow out all the water from the irrigation system before it freezes. That way, the chances of the system getting frozen and bursting are limited.

Spring setup

Although spring season could be the best time to set your sprinkler system back in place, a thorough check-up is paramount. The spring checkup could involve spray pattern checking of the system heads (making sure there is no runoff), examining for gagsters or leaks in the lawn, and confirming if the watering system is working well.

Note, since problems could arise after few days of the system running, it could be advisable for your landscape contractor to return after a couple of days to inspect if there are signs of underground leakages or squashy areas.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs 

Sprinkler heads and rotors    

These parts play a role in distributing water in different directions. They have various small moving parts that could be damaged, worn, or even get missing. That means untwist-able rotors could lead to over and no watering in certain areas during irrigation. Hence, damaging your landscape.

Even so, the problem may be easy to identify, should the system be running.

Water pressure

Being a major factor, you should consider a professional contractor to handle the situation. That is because professionals have specialized parts and tools that regulate the required water pressure. Additionally, they could also make some adjustments and repairs for your sprinkler system.

Remember, low water pressure may not be sufficient for your lawn, whereas high water pressure could damage both the sprinkler and the plants.

Backflow check

While you may be irrigating your lawn, chances that the water used for irrigation backflows to your indoor lines could be there. So, since it’s vital to your safety and health that such water doesn’t return and contaminate your house water source, stopping its backflow by a qualified personnel tester should be a must.

Misaligned sprinkler

Does your sprinkler head spray water in the wrong direction? If so,  that could only mean that it wasn’t placed in the right position, and it should be adjusted using a sprinkler head adjustment tool for the right-coverage.

Hire a contractor

For optimum operation and maintenance of the system, you should consider hiring a certified contractor to help you inspect your irrigation system. He/she could be checking it a couple of times during spring to ensure it’s in good condition and working well.

Therefore, given that sprinkler systems save you a lot of time, proper maintenance could assure you of smooth running for a very long time.


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