4 Reasons Why 3D Modeling Should Be A Priority For Every Industrial Designer And Engineer

3D modeling

Technology is revitalizing the industrial world. Unlike in past decades, designers and engineers can now collaborate on every stage in the production process. As a designer, you can pull out your imaginations and present them as reality through the power of 3D modeling.

Designing products is no longer a hard tackle. Engineers and designers can manage how they process and reimagine products and fasten innovation. But as either of them, you might be wondering why prioritizing 3D technology is a good idea. Here are 4 reasons why you should take this direction:

Presentation of realistic images of the product design

If you have been in the designing field for long, you must be conversant with the 2D approach. This approach presented sketches of the product in the design process. It was hard to determine how the product will look like. So, the engineers and designers relied on imagination which would be different between the two.

With 3D modeling, this is no longer the case. The new approach brings imagination into reality. It generates a presentation of the real product. Whether it is a construction project, vehicle development, or any other product, you can tell how it will be when complete. Also, it offers an opportunity to making changes to the design. This way, it easy to improve the state of the final product.

Increase project approval rate

As a designer or engineer, the approval rate of the project design is one step to success. Failed project approvals mean that it will take time to work on a project. This aspect denies you the opportunity for taking new projects. 3D modeling comes in to change this aspect.

As noted above, images from this approach are real. The images present the exact look of the final project. For instance, you can view how the interior design and décor of a house will look. Also, the client can view the furniture arrangements and dimensions of each room and floor in the apartment.

With this information, they are likely to approve the project design within a short duration enabling you to implement it without any delay.

Enhances collaboration

When working on a project, collaboration is the key to a unique and successful outcome. Collaboration between engineers, designers, and other stakeholders in a company is important. For instance, as a designer, you need to work with a marketer and engineer to determine the specs to put in a product.

3D modeling enhances collaboration as the parties can work together and correct any mistakes or adjust some aspects during the designing face. This way, it saves the organization cost while boosting cooperation and involvement in the production phase.

Reduces designing time and costs

As you know, designing a product can be time-consuming. You need to think, draw sketches, and generate the project implementation plan. Particularly, if you are an engineer or designer, you can take a lot of time in assembling and reassembling the product. All these processes not only consume time but also are costly.

When you adopt 3D modeling, you save yourself from such issues. The approach allows you to assemble, reassemble, and correct any errors in the product design. This way, you reduce the cost of assembling and manufacturing fault products.

Now, you have a reason why 3D modeling should be your priority.


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