Making the Most of Electronic Home Security Options

Electric Security Systems

Feeling safe at home is a basic right that no family should have to live without. There are many different types of security solutions and choosing the best one for your situation can be overwhelming. The exponential increase of smart devices in the home has brought the use of an electronic lock to the forefront of consumers’ minds when thinking about home security, along with other options.

What Are Electric Security Systems?

Smart devices are on the rise and are replacing many common tools used by homeowners around the globe. In the search for a more secure homefront, many consumers have turned to an electric lock system for the entryways of their homes.

An electric security system consists of an actuator that activates the process of locking or unlocking the door. The internal motor is controlled by an electrical signal that can be triggered in multiple ways. Some locks use card readers while others use a keypad or a remote control sensor. This technology provides peace of mind to a homeowner, as it is more secure than a typical deadbolt. An electronic lock system comes with many benefits:

  • Provides stronger security than a traditional spring or deadbolt lock
  • Eliminates the chance of keys being copied or stolen
  • Allows for homeowners to lock or unlock the door at any given time during the day

What Types of Locking Systems Are Available?

Home security solutions using locks are available for a wide range of consumers. Some locks contain illuminated keypads affixed to the doors of a home. These locks are opened with a unique entry code chosen by the owner. The codes can be changed at any time to increase privacy and ensure the code is not stolen.

Other systems offer the option of giving different codes to people who may enter your home at any given time (babysitter, friends, etc.). Other locking devices use a palm imprint or fingerprint technology to lock or unlock doors. Some devices can even be integrated with other smart technologies that already exist in your home.

What Are Other Options for Home Security?

Some people may be looking for more in terms of home protection. There are various types of security and alarm systems to fit the need of any consumer:

  • Monitored alarm system: These systems are actively monitored by a company specializing in home security. Emergency responders are immediately notified in the case of a break-in, fire, or other accident.
  • Unmonitored alarm system: Only monitored by the homeowner, the system is controlled by an app on a smartphone or tablet at the user’s convenience.
  • Wired alarm system: All components of the system are attached to hard wires. Landline telephone systems are used to communicate between the machinery.
  • Wireless alarm system: Controlled via radio waves, this system has no hard wires connecting any of the equipment. Alarms, sensors, cameras, and detectors are all controlled using wireless panel technology.
  • Electrical alarm system: The most basic of security monitoring tools, this type of system surveys points of entry (doors, windows) and usually is built into a house as it is constructed. An electrical circuit signals an alarm when one of the entry points is breached.

How Can I Stay Safe in My Apartment?

When searching for an apartment as a living space, there are a number of necessary components to look for. While there are some after-market security tools tenants can purchase and use, all consumers should ensure that these safety measures are in place in a complex prior to signing a lease:

  • Lighting in high-traffic areas
  • Entrances with chain locks, deadbolts, and peepholes
  • Window locks that are in place and easy to use
  • Emergency exits visible and within an appropriate distance from the dwelling

After confirming that these baseline safety measures are in place, tenants can increase the safety of their homes by adding stand-alone security systems or cameras. Consumers often assume that security cameras will break their budget, but there are many options available. Some of the most affordable cameras can be monitored easily using a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, wireless security systems can be purchased and used without damaging the walls of an apartment or adding boxy elements to the decor.

Regardless of the type of dwelling, there is always room for added safety in a home. Whether using electronic locks, monitored security systems or wireless, self-serve apps, advanced technology is available to keep any home as safe as possible.


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