Moving 101: Your Quick Guide To Choosing Movers


It’s that time of your life! You’re actually moving! Moving to a new home will likely be one of the most exciting parts of your life, be it with your family or as a single person. While the entire packing process might be a bit exhausting, you’ll know it’s going to be worth it once you set all your furniture, accessories, and other essentials to your new home. Thing is, if you have a ton to bring, your car might not exactly be fit for your move. This is where long distance movers come in. How do you choose the right one for you, though?

  1. Location matters the most. A lot of moving companies can say they’re the best, but not every company might be able to accommodate your specific location and needs. What’s the use of a famous moving company if they can’t get you to your state, right?
  • Remember, when it comes to the best moving company New York City, you should first ask if they can move you in New York from your location first. It’s when they can clarify if they can move you to your location and what exactly they need for the move that you can start discussing the fine details.
  • Try to sort your list of moving companies to call given their location. If they have an office in your location or your destination, you can try giving them a call to clarify if they can help you with your move.
  1. Fix and organize your inventory first. Another important aspect of choosing a mover relies on what you’re bringing as well. It helps to fix and organize an inventory as early as now, so you can easily have movers look over what you have for easier negotiations. And while they will likely be doing their own inventory of your things when you hire them, it does help to keep an inventory of your belongings with you so you can also mark which ones are delicate.
  • Try to sort out your furniture and accessories into groups. This also makes it easier to label and mark your packages prior to the move.
  • When talking with a mover, try to give them the inventory so you can have a more accurate estimate of what you want them to move. They may also assess which parts of your furniture or accessories might need the extra assistance.
  1. Pack your things properly and label them accordingly. Building upon the need to organize your inventory, make sure you get to pack your things properly as well. This means sealing your boxes properly, and labelling them accordingly. If you can indicate what exactly is in the boxes, then that’s much better.
  • Even before you talk with a moving company, get your packing materials bought and prepared. This makes it easier for you to pack your things according to the specifications of the moving companies.
  • When you’re talking with a moving company, try to ask what sort of packaging is needed when it comes to transferring your furniture and other materials. Some of your furniture might need special packaging.
  1. Clarify everything about the payment. When you get a moving company to negotiate with you, try to clarify everything there is to clarify with regards to the payment. Some moving companies tend to only tell about special payment fees by the end of the move itself so try to be wary of these.
  • When you’re in the negotiating phase with the moving company, try to ask for a quotation as early as now. This allows you to be able to clarify what’s in the payment and if there are other “hidden” expenses.
  • Try to be upfront and ask if there are other “hidden” expenses such as gasoline fees and border fees. These are important, as you might be surprised with how much you’re going to pay if these take you on by surprise.

The Right Movers: The Right Tools For The Right Needs

When choosing a moving company for your house move, it’s important to remember that your movers should not only be reputable, but also reliable and capable of fulfilling your needs. Despite the reputation of popular movers out there, they’re not going to be helpful if they can’t fulfill your requests. With the tips above, you can hopefully get yourself the right movers depending on your needs.


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