Remove Moss With Professional Roof-Cleaning Services

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Humid conditions and normal rainfall can contribute to the growth of moss on masonry roofs and shingle roofs. While there may be a few people who consider this a mild nuisance that actually makes a home look cosy, the truth is much different. Allowing this natural vegetation to thrive on your roof can lead to roof damage so it’s best to remove it thoroughly and keep it from returning.

Say No to Power Washing

But you should never make the do-it-yourself mistake of power washing moss off your roof because that method can actually introduce unwanted moisture under the roofing material and cause additional damage. Your best bet is to use professional roof cleaning services in Bordon. They won’t use power washing but will follow a detailed plan to give you the long-term solution you need.

The process includes:

  • Tarpaulins are used to catch moss falling from the roof.
  • Guttering is given detailed attention, including flushing and inspection.
  • Roof is cleaned by hand with brushes.
  • Broken roofing is replaced.
  • Moss retardant is applied.
  • Moss and rubbish is collected and disposed of properly.

Continued Service

When your roof is cleaned and inspected, you will also benefit from using a control treatment that’s proven to be effective against algae and moss. Correct treatment will delay any new growth and will kill moss, lichens, and algae. The reduction in growth will be noticeable.

Don’t try the DIY method or ineffective, inferior cleaning products. You’ll be better served by working with the professionals who can also help with patio and gutter cleaning at an expert level.


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