Trends In Baby Furniture: Antique Baby Beds

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Many moms-to-be enjoy decorating the nursery in preparation for their new arrival. If you’re an expectant mother with a passion for antiques, check out one of the hottest trends in baby furniture — antique baby beds. An antique bed for your baby can be a gorgeous addition to the room. However, it is absolutely crucial that you address safety issues before bringing such a bed home. At the website of the CPSC, or Consumer Product Safety Commission, you can learn all about the safety requirements for baby beds.

For example, you will want a bed for your baby that has a firm mattress. The slats should be no further apart than 2 3/8 inches, and there should be no decorative cutout adornments at the headboard area. Check with the CPSC for a full and updated list of requirements. Many antique beds for babies do not meet these requirements and are best used as a decorative item rather than a sleeping place for your infant. What you can do is choose a reproduction of an antique baby bed. Reproduction furniture is a great way to ensure your baby’s bed is safe yet looks old fashioned.

When it comes to decorating the nursery in an antique way, the Victorian style is a good choice. Think dark, gleaming woods with ornate scrollwork and detailing, combined with lots of romantic lace. Floral print bedding is great for baby girls, while baby boys can luxuriate in blue striped fabrics or solids such as winter white which feature intricate embroidery. Other popular antique themes for your baby’s room include Old World style furniture, and European country style furniture. Some people like to go with a theme for the nursery, while others prefer a casual pairing of different style pieces, fabrics and colors.

The trend of baby furniture antique baby beds is one that shows no sign of going out of fashion. As mentioned before, it’s best to go for a reproduction of an antique piece to ensure your baby is as safe as possible. You can find lots of gorgeous reproduction baby beds at antique furniture centers, your local antique furniture dealer, or even on the Internet. Many furniture makers and dealers do business online, which opens up lots of choices for someone who can’t find what they want locally. Make sure your baby bed comes with a warranty and/or return policy in case it arrives damaged or isn’t what you want once you see it in person.


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