Steps to Deep Clean Your A/C Unit

Clean Your Unit

Being living in the middle east, you can’t think of a place without an A/C whether it is your home or work. It is an important necessity in the middle east as they are a major solution for the scorching summer season that comes dring the march to September season.

Choosing a professional ac cleaning service provider will help you clean your air conditioner system maintaining a healthy air environment.

Step 1 – Obtain the Right Equipment

AC deep cleaning in Dubai at times comes out as a task needed some essential spend if you can’t find the equipment you need. That’s why it’s important that a specialist get assistance because they’re qualified and professionals who know where the tools work. That being the devices, however, are available in the markets, and are usually affordable.

Step 2 – Turn  Off All Power Units

The power unit is turned off completely to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any kind of electrical hazards when operating with fans and other moving parts.

Step 3 – Cleaning  The Fins

Some dirt found outdoors can be removed using the brush. After that, use a garden hose to spray the fins from the inside out to remove constructed pollen particles. The water shouldn’t be hot as this can hurt the sensitive fins. You can straighten the bent fins with very less pressure using a sharp object.

Step 4 – Clean Circulating Parts

The debris outside the condenser can be brushed away after the fan grill is removed. In doing so, you can monitor whether the sum is returning to its regular number.

Step 6 – Change Blow Filter And Switch The Power On

Once the evaporator coils have been thoroughly cleaned, you can switch to the filter in your HVAC system that needs to be replaced with a new filter at least twice a year-just before the start of the heating season and once before the start of the cooling season.






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