Affordable and Simple Additions That Will Make Your Home Look More Elegant

Home Look More Elegant

Everyone wants a home that looks elegant and expensive. However, only a few can afford it. Well, you can still fake having a luxurious house, even if you are in a budget. Here are a few things you can do to improve your home:

Do Not Forget Your Staircase

Certain areas at home are often forgotten. When in a budget, usually, the first to get an update is the living room where you welcome guests. However, if you want your home to look elegant, you want to take care of every nook and cranny. That includes your stairs. Something as simple as choosing a bold patterned-runner or adding a gallery wall can spruce up the space. If you have a little more cash to spend, ditch your basic railings and opt for something a little more ornate. There are businesses that offer steel for sale that can be welded and transformed into either a modern or rustic look.

Appreciate Your Ceiling

The ceiling, too, is often overlooked when a home is being renovated. However, it adds to the overall look of a room. This does not mean that you have to paint “The Creation of Adam” a la Michaelangelo in your home. Get yourself a lighting fixture that doubles as art. Many homes are using mood lighting for a more relaxed vibe. The addition of a polyurethane ceiling medallion will perfectly frame your chandelier.


An easy but effective way to add elegance into the room is having cohesion. A kitchen with coordinating hardware will look neater and ultimately look more luxurious. Swap mismatched decorations and furniture with coordinating pieces. This way, the room will feel like more thought was put into what goes into the room rather than buying what is available and affordable.

Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment

A statement piece can give a room a dash of personality. If you think a room feels boring, a brightly-colored accent wall or a couch with a crazy print can enliven a space.

The Timeless Elegance of Molding

You probably have seen crown moldings in upscale homes. It is a finishing touch that bridges the gap between the ceiling and the walls. It looks both traditional and elegant. The good news for people who are in a budget: crown moldings are actually quite affordable and fairly easy to install. If the Victorian-style molding is not your thing, you can go for the simple and single-shape piece of molding that you can add to a room’s walls. Just remember that crown moldings work best in bigger rooms. If you are tight on space, settle for simpler designs.

Art on the Walls

Another design element that every home needs is art. By simply hanging art on the walls, you can improve the appearance of the room. Find a piece that is unique and has a lot of personality. You can buy an artwork from a local painter or photographer. Better yet, you can get unique artwork from the thrift store. Just make sure that the piece is large enough for the wall you are decorating.

Even if you do not have a lot of money, you can still decorate your home elegantly by carefully choosing pieces that work with the space and the stuff you already have. If you are in a budget, scour thrift and second-hand stores for inexpensive decor.


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